Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This wedding is just too beautiful not only because of its quite lavish setup or the lovely persons in it but because of its impact to me.  I was there since the beginning of the couple's relationship and couldn't be any happier to celebrate with them as they enter another phase of their lives. True, I find myself connecting to this author's satirical perceptions about weddings and all but it's entirely different if it involves someone close to your heart. The dress-up, emotional speeches and romantic gestures - they connect to that part deep down in your heart that makes you say you are all for it. It simply changes everything. Anj and I even encountered a glitch in the morning but we battled our way to the reception because we know for a fact that we simply couldn't miss this for the world.  And yeah we deserve those cosmos from the mobile bar.  :)) 

So to the couple, Marvs and Joy, I sincerely wish nothing but the best on your married life. I may have only made it to the reception but you just don't know how your wedding have become meaningful to me.  Thank you for that.  The two of you are truly meant to be. It's something I realized when I third wheel-ed in your room on the night of the pre-nup sessions. It's something that I would like to admit but don't know how to express beautifully, haha! Congratulations and Best Wishes, I Love You both to pieces! :)

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