Thursday, October 24, 2013



Okay.  So there are times when I’d be theme-dressing for work for straight 5 days as I’ve done many times before in the past.  But there are times when I wouldn’t notice that I stuck to some distinct patterns for one week.  Granted, I plan my outfits in advance but I only noticed that I made a stripes-theme at work two weeks ago when I was making the collage for my Facebook album. Anyhoo, it is just great since it makes for a good #threesomethursday post.  Hehe. :P

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The H&M stripes blazer.  This one took months before I first used it from a purchase in Singapore last March.  Paired it here with a Dorothy Perkins dress.

The cropped top.  This is a favorite from one of my cheap purchases in Greenhills last month. Of course cropped tops must always be paired with high-waist trousers.  Haha!

The PrP candy dress.  Can be qualified for last week’s Chucks post but reserved it better here. ;-)

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