Friday, October 18, 2013

The Cronut Fever!


For a pastry lover like me, this cronut trend will surely be a hit.  Cronut for everybody's information is a combination of croissant and a donut.  Some have been calling it doussant or crodo.  Hehe.  So far here are the ones I've tried.

Dunkin Donuts.  One look and you know that this one's gonna be so sinful.  It is.  Haha!!!  It was too sweet and thankfully the nuts were able to balance all those sugar.  Whew! 

Krispy Kreme.  What do you say?  It looks plain compared to Dunkin Donut's noh? Same with the taste, the filling was just the saving grace for me.

Intercontinental's Jeepney Cafe. Red velvet is the best, that's all! :))))

So whatever happened to #fitnessfriday being replaced by #foodiefriday?  Hahaha!!!  Don't worry, I haven't been neglecting my body.  I will post some of my new workouts soon! :)

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