Thursday, October 17, 2013



A. Hey Mickey! 

Still part of my "borrowed from the boys" post, I borrowed my brother's varsity jacket this time for my "Hey Mickey" dress-down Friday look!  Seriously, I could've just very well paired this with my Minnie shirt from years ago it's just that I couldn't find it in my closet. :P  Also, you can qualify this with the "dress-up for current events" post because I was inspired with that amazing "boneless" girl in the recently held UAAP Cheer Dance Competition.  LOL!!!  You should seriously watch her in here. :P

B.  Nod to Plaid!

In case you didn't know, plaids and checks are making a comeback!  So to make good use of my Topman plaid button-up (yes it's from Topman but no, it's not from my brother's haha!), I decided to wear it one Friday at work and this was taken in Mitsuyado Sei-men for a group lunch-out.

C.  Jersey!

This look is very fresh because the dress is sooo new haha.  It's loose and sporty and I sooo love it! :)  Though to be honest I'm not a fan of number 78 or that sports per se. :P

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