Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silly Minnie! =)

The photo above summarizes my silly finds in Chatuchak market. =P  I put it all together in a Minnie Mouse theme, yay!! =))  The fact that I'm such a pack rat and that I like buying useless (though cute, oh you gotta admit it!!) stuffs in night markets abroad is not withheld from you.  I think it's but okay considering the fact that I got them all very cheap.  Here's a breakdown:

Minnie T-shirt: 100 Baht
Minnie headband: 50 Baht
Red purse: 150 Baht

I really really love the Chatuchak market!!  I've missed it so much!!  While I was in BKK, I was thinking that if I live there, I will certainly not need branded dresses. Everyday, I will be in vintage numbers which are omnipresent in night markets particularly in that area where I stayed at - Silom Road.  Them Thais don't like it branded I suppose.  For a good measure, I added some cute plastic cherry earrings (not worn above) which cost me 30 Baht.  Not baht at all. :P

And some details of my pedi, I'd just like to thank my friend Angela for giving me those metallic blue nail polish all the way from......... Korea!!! Hehehe.  Thank you Ate!!!! :)  I'm sooo in to two-tones lately so I decided to combine it with my flashy fuchsia polish from Sally Hansen. :P

I hope to get a feature of the dresses in the next posts!x

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