Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2 in BKK Preview


Hey guys, I haven't sorted out my files yet so for this travel Tuesday, I want to show some of the highlights of my second day in BKK through my uploaded videos in Youtube. :D

We drove 2 hours to Damnoensaduak Floating Market and this is a video I captured.  This is a case of me disappointing the buko (coconut) vendor and the boat almsost tipping over because of my "pasaway" moment.  Haha!!  I leaned too much to the right while taking this video.  Funny what the boatman said!! :))

After this, we drove for about 5 minutes going to the Elephant Village where I rode an elephant.  Yey, kinaya niya ako!!  =))  This is actually a case of wrong camera setting.  The mahout (naks, new term for me!!), the driver of the elephant, is supposed to take pictures but the cam was set to video mode.  Hehehe, hence this is only a 3-second clip. :P

And then the rest of that day was spent in my favorite tiangge in the world - Chatuchak!  Will update you soon!x

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