Monday, October 28, 2013

Rexona Run 2013!

a supposed to be #fitnessfriday post :P

As promised, I am not slacking on my fitness routine dear readers.  As a matter of fact, I just ran my 3rd half-marathon last Sunday at the Rexona Run To Your Beat 2013!  The event was enticing because of the promised "sensory treat" as advertised on the radio.  This is the nicest feature of this run I guess.

So okay I registered for a 21K but during the day itself, I sort of chickened out and decided to join my friends on the 10k category.  But my other gay friend Mark dragged me to the assembly line during the assembly time - 3AM (the earliest also that I've participated into).  So here's us in the assembly area.

Given that I had recent injuries and not enough practice (like my training was just an hour of treadmill 2 days before the run, lol!), I already expected that this would be my worst record for a half-marathon.  It is. :))  But the good news is, I am officially back in the game. ;-)

While claiming the refreshments, I found something cute and surprising.  This chihuahua was simply walking around greeting everybody.  I was informed by the owner that he ran a 10k too.  How amazing, haha! =)

Aside from the other two gym friends who ran 10k, my officemate/friend Leq joined the run too.  What amused is both is the mobile bar that served cocktails, haha! :D

Overall it was a good run.  I usually don't function in a half-marathon without upbeat music in my ears but since I couldn't find my Sony Walkman, I allowed myself to trust the promised "beats" of this run.  And it delivered.  Just when the music from the previous speaker is about to fade, you can already hear another song from the next one.  The DJ booth thing was a nice touch too. :)  And I really missed hearing this song from the gym,

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