Friday, May 17, 2013

Matchy Matchy


Sometime last February, I posted something about matching prints.  Back then I knew that however chic it looked, it was too much for a statement and perhaps a bit intimidating. :P

A month after (during a Singapore trip), I chanced upon this H&M striped blazer from their newest branch in Ion mall.  I was supposed to be shopping on a budget. Riiiiggghhht.  But seeing my brother maniacally picking clothes around (it was his H&M induction and yeah I could totally understand the effect on him, lol!) didn't help at all.  Besides, this is H&M.  Meaning, if I didn't buy it I would regret if it haunted me a couple of days after back home since I'd have to ask some friends from SG or HK to buy it for me and have it shipped.  Which would mean more cost right?  Oh gosh, these justifications are soooo like Becky Bloomwood.  No this is not KC speaking.  Hahaha!!

When I had some time recently to do some "outfit rehearsal", I found these Zara shorts buried underneath my bottoms stack and voila!  For some spontaneous mix 'n match practices like this, I could only think of that line from a famous song "Who'd have thought, this is how the pieces fit?"  It looks like they were really made together!!! :D 

Because the print pattern is not that loud, I have totally envisioned wearing this for a dress-down Friday at work if not only for this BIG bad bruise I got on my right leg which I don't know where I got it from. :(  I'm telling you it is an island of purple, red and black on the side of my right thigh.  Perhaps it was from the open water scuba certification two weeks ago where we entered this small hole of corals underwater but I'm not quite certain.

Anyway.  The sailor shorts are like from two years ago (I wore it in my Marina Bay Sands staycation here).  Shoes are the perfect nude pumps (atleast for me) from Marks n Spencer and some round Sunnies by Charlie for some "It-girl" feel.  It-girl??? Say what???? Hahaha!!!

I think that the blazer would also look good with some conductor cap I got from the same store too.  But that's for a different story. :P

How are you spending your weekend?  I can't wait to go back scuba diving again but as much as I love to be in the beach or anywhere else I also treasure some "normal" relaxing Saturday and Sunday.  Haha!  Wishing you all a fab weekend! ;-)

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