Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ilocos Norte - Day 2a (Burgos)


Our 1st stopover was at the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.  It is considered a cultural heritage structure in Burgos Ilocos Norte and was built during the Spanish era.  The travel time was atleast one and half hour from the hotel and we had to drive up a steep hill from the highway to access it.  But the view of the South China Sea was rewarding.

John didn't feel like climbing up the concrete stairs up to enter the lighthouse so we just got up a few stairs for some photo-ops.  LOL!

The second stopover was at the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.  I posted some of my "couture" shots (lol!) in here thanks to the horse guide who volunteered himself to be my photographer.  LOL!  He led me all along where to stand, strike a pose and which angle of the rock formation to take and for that he was rewarded with a generous tip.  I was satisfied with the shots, thanks very much.  Haha!!!  Anyway, this structure was just a few minutes away from the lighthouse and is still part of Burgos municipality.  I remember the van taking a left turn from the highway where we passed through atleast 3 km of pebbly road that led us to this view:

You have to go down to the sea level to have a first glimpse of the rock formation itself.  

Horseback riding is one of the features to reach the structure although there is an established trail for those who prefer to hike.  Since I haven't ridden a horse in my entire life (shame I know, *facepalm*), I decided to give it a try.  The fee wasn't that expensive too (~2 USD).  

John and Leq decided to join me with the horseriding while the couple Gretch and Keneith took the trail.  Errm, I believe I got a smaller horse for myself (poor pony) but according to "Kuya" this is the regular native size of horses in Ilocos.  Hmmmm.......

Keneith took a shot of us while riding the horses and I love that this looked like a capture from a film.  Hehehe. :P

After a few minutes, we were beholding the natural beauty of the rock formation.  Kapurpurawan as explained to me by the guide means kaputiputian in Tagalog (a superlative form of the color white) to describe the limestone formation.  What's amazing with these rocks is the fact that they were sculpted from the natural forces of the ocean and weather conditions.  

Here's a non-instagrammed picture of me in the formation.  For a fleeting moment, I was tempted again to post my solo shots here.  Haha!!!  This place is just too beautiful for words,  not a single picture can justify its beauty.  Definitely worth the visit in Ilocos and all the more proves the tourism tagline true - its more fun in the Philippines! :)

Since the first half of Day 2 was too much for a single post, I will blog about the other half separately.  Also, I decided to work on the second day of our Ilocos tour first because Day 1 was just too complex with a lot of itinerary.  Haha!!! Stay tuned! :D

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