Monday, May 20, 2013

Travel Buddies! :)


When a door closes, a window opens.....

Early this year, you heard me mentioning lightly about falling out with friends....And no, you won't hear the boring details here. :P  If it happened to you more than once, you'll probably think that perhaps something is wrong with yourself.  But thankfully, sanity kicks in quick enough to let you realize that hey, I still have my longest-running friends on earth by my side and that here are only a few friendships worth cultivating and cherishing.  And sorry, I just couldn't help taking a dig here, some people are just too narcissistic to have your best interest at heart. :D  If you ever get a chance to meet these kind of people, trust me, it would do you good to just simply let them go. 

Anyway, as mentioned in point above, it's not like I've lost at all.  Matter of fact, I was stupid for not heeding these friend's advice from the start to avoid such people. And also, through traveling, I've reconnected with old friends and met some new wonderful people.  I'd just like to briefly mention them here.

The trek to Mt. Pulag was a personal request to my friend Bong.  Being a wanderlust, he arranges for trips with his co-workers on a regular basis.  Coincidentally, Lisa and I joined the  same Sagada tour they went to sometime 2008!!!  Like I said, these people regularly go out for camping, trek and adventures but I've only had the chance to join them again 5 years after!!!  Can you imagine that? :D

Of course some of those people I met before weren't present anymore (ehem, breakups can do that, haha!!) but again I met more people here and had fun with them.

They were also the same bunch of guys I went with in the Calaguas hullabaloo.  Honestly, I wanted to turn down the invitation since it was scheduled a week after my Ilocos trip but my friend Bong said that the invite came from the other people I met in Mt Pulag.  All of them are connected to one IT company and it was very thoughtful for some of them to remember me in their plans. :)  So here's the whole Calaguas gang I went out with where I even met more beautiful people.

Of course, who'd forget these friends from work in our Ilocos trip? Haha!!  The guy on the left side is Gretch's hubby.  I found it sweet when he surprised her that he'll come with us to this trip.  Cute couple! :D

And lastly, my awesome diver frieeeends!!!! Hahaha!!! Two weeks had passed since and we are still actively communicating with each other via group chat in FB!!!  We all can't wait for the time when we will be reunited again!  I met a theatre actress, a landscape photographer, a future great lawyer and diving sisters - such wonderful people!!! :D  I hope I can do another post with them again soon! :)

I don't know any other way to end this post.  It's been proven that traveling is one sure-fire way to  meet new friends.  Perhaps I'll just share this beautifully written blog post about meeting friends on the traveling road. 

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