Friday, November 14, 2008

It's SPE-lunking!! Hehehe!!

Whoever discovered cave spelunking is one genius extraordinaire!! For reals!! When we were still at Lake Danum, we were presented with the options of going easy or difficult on the said activity by the tour guide Kuya . KC thinking to herself: “Come on man!! I drove 20 hours just to get here and you’re asking me if I’m gonna take the easy one?? No way!! Bring it on!!”

But maybe 30 mins after the discussion of the burying traditions on the cave and the entrance when I was already presented with the 1st challenge, KC again to herself: “Oh no, can I still back out???” Wahaha!! It was a very small opening with which everybody must enter following some sequence provided by the tour guides. The fear is coming from being confined into small places for a long time which I feel I can’t breathe. I just realized I’m claustrophobic!! I had to verify to the guide if the hole’s gonna be a long one but he said that it’s just some sort of a passage and there will be wide space again so on I marched. :P

Besides, there’s no other way for cowards to reach the end. :P Since I’m not that good in describing, let just the picture speak for it. I valiantly decided to bring my camera despite risks of getting soaked in the water to capture the moments. And boy, I was thankful I did!! Even Bong and his sumptuous SLR!! Can you still see the hole where we came from below??

Since I came with a tank and shorts with a swimwear underneath (not a very good choice I know, I guess I miscalculated it this time haha!!), another challenge from me is to come out without bruises, scratches or whatever from this whole activity. Well these are huge rocks we’re talking about and the BKM (Best Known Method – Intel jargon woohoo!!) taught to us is to do it: Monkey style. Meaning, more use of hands and buttocks. :P Can I call it osteoporosis style?? Hahaha!!!

No words can ever fully describe the thrill of this whole adventure so I’m not gonna discuss it in full length. All I can say is that there were just more small holes (it made me ask the guides what if obese people would like to participate), rappelling along steep surfaces (which will just leave you grabbing the ropes tightly for dear life, haha), amazing rock formations that resembled different animals and things (in which you have to broaden your horizon :P), cold cold water that I super enjoyed even if I froze to death :D, and oh! the stalactites and stalagmites!! Hehehe. So I guess you just really have to see for yourself!!
Btw, if you already saw the album in my Multiply site you will notice that most of the pics above aren’t posted yet. They are the ones from Bong’s cam and please give me ample time to upload the others. ^^ But my most favorite of all is this. Bong, kudos to you on this one. Wushu, if I know he just simply loves taking photos of me. Wahaha!! I kid, I kid. :D
Let me just say that I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved the drama of this shot. If a picture paints a thousand words then this would have to be it. I don’t know but this one’s like, I can formulate a thousand tales about it. Love it!! I do!! Really!! As in!!

Anyways, we finished the whole SPE-lunking (haha, that’s how the guide pronounces it :p) thingy for about 6 hours!! Can you imagine!! It was already 11:30 PM when we emerged out of the cave.

I was satisfied with myself on the outcome of this. First, I came off unscathed even with my limbs exposed. Second, I proved to myself that I can be of the sporty type even if you often see me adorned in dresses. ^^ (Matter of fact I’m thinking of conquering mountain climbing next time. Haha!! But I still need proper equipments for that, and clothes as well coz it has to be done in style. Wahaha!!). And the best-est indicator of all, the WORK-OUT!! Hahaha!! I can’t even compute how much calories I burned in all that strenuous activities. Man it was definitely better than going to the gym on that same Friday!! Hahaha!! And I thought it was bad eating too much ChocNut on the way to Sagada. Hehehe.

Back at Lake Danum, we did some crazy shots: the jump shots. :P

Fun, fun, fun!! :D Speaking of fun and Fridays (with waived gym again, tsk!), a fashion show happening later for Mossimo with my brother in it later. So party at Ascend later, anyone? ;-)


Nivek said...

For old people like me with bad eyes, I can barely see your pictures. Can't you post them bigger?

Anyhow, I'm claustrophobic too and can't stand small places. I have trouble breathing and sometimes freeze. Still want to marry me? haha

kCNeSs said...

Kevin, the bigger pictures are in my Multiply're one of my contacts there right??

you freeze on small places?? why??