Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mossimo Fashion Show - Party at Ascend

Boohoo. My camera got corrupted and lost all the shots during the fashion show. =,( Luckily for me, prior to the show I entered the dressing room (since we had slight problems on the access, hehe) and took pic of my brother and Chek. They were included in the underwear segment.

And that's the reason why Chek was voted as one of the 100 sexiest women of FHM and my brother included in the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. ^^ The gym goers were once again inspired. Hahaha!! Still I'm sad I don't have pics of the other guys whom I have crushes on. :( Hehe.

The planning I mentioned last time at Krispy Kreme wasn't about this. It's just that Cathy's in a mood for going out and I can't understand why. Hehehe. But I'm afraid that this party-ing might become often while JT's still here. He's gonna leave for the US next year. Tsk!! I don't wanna be branded as a party girl!! But in fairness, the guy's definitely nice to hang out with. The best when in comes to PR!! And to think he's only 21!!

After the show, of course it was time to dance. :) But Cathy, JT and I were moving away from Geoff and Joy. Haha!! We hope they end up together coz we think they're matched. Haha!!

Later, Chek and Lem joined us. Cathy's been longing to meet the two! :)
Afterwards we just quickly hopped on to Piadra to check the crowd. Pretty nice! Ah, yes we are a group of persons who loves taking photos. Hahaha!! :D

But she's the vainest of all. Wahaha!! :))

Who's gonna watch Rihanna and Chris Brown later????


Anonymous said...

lol the 2nd last pic maid me ROFL.. we have 4 people on the front just looking at the camera, and deng at the back acting like it's a fashion show.. that's just too much haha.


Anonymous said...

hahaha..well, that's KC projecting over there.. LOL!!