Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ilocos Day2b: Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud


Looks like I’m back to my regular blogging track (:P), so let me continue the Part 2 of our Ilocos Day 2 tour.  After the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation visit where we finished around lunchtime, our driver took us next to the Bangui windmills. 

Heavily popularized by the Asia’s songbird iconic video in a white long gown for a tourism campaign of the Philippines around 2010, the wind turbines face the South China Sea and and are used as environment friendly energy sources.  ( I remember this appearing in enumeration part of exams when I was in grade school, lol!) Prior to the trip, I look forward to seeing this and having a shoot session in a long white dress too (gaya-gaya lang?? haha!) until I saw some pictures from friends who visited Ilocos prior to our trip and my excitement was focused on the rock formation. 

There was no further attraction in here so again, we just lingered for a few moments for some photo-ops.

We were so hungry by the time we reached Pagudpud, our last stop.  But ‘twas okay since we’ll finally get to have some zexy time by the beach at Hannah’s resort.  But prior to that, we had a humble lunch in one of the small stores there (had a grilled yellowfin tuna which Jace didn’t particularly like, haha!) and didn’t rent a cottage anymore since we’re staying for half a day and it was a bit pricey. 

We’re about to leave the place to explore another beach when I finally convinced Leq to do the zipline with me.  The label says it is the longest zipline in the Philippines and it was my first time to do something that traverses the beach.  Yay!  

Kudos to Leq for doing the activity with me.  She's got this fear of heights that she was able to conquer here.  Haha!

After this, we decided to just stay and take a dip.

Here's a fun .gif of our Pagudpud jumpshot!

For dinner, the driver took us to La Preciosa but I'll blog about the foodie separately.  Ciao for now. :D

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