Thursday, May 23, 2013

F21 Two-tone Vest


For today's hashtag, I'll be posting about my current favorite vest.  So what's the story behind this two-tone vest?  Uhmmm, except for it being promoted as my current favorite vest, no NOTHING at all. Lol!  I got it at Forever21 and that's it.  Haha!!

I bought it because it looks edgy and yeah expensive (well yeah for a vest it's a bit costly) but the thing is my mind was already working overtime on the millions of ways (yeah I'm exaggerating) I could dress it up.  As a matter of fact, this threesome post isn't enough for it I might just do a part two! :P

But after wearing for the first time, I was set to find out the downside of this vest.  The instruction said it can't be hand/machine-washed. :(  For something that I can totally visualize wearing often, this is just too sad.  I can't imagine going to a laundry shop and spending more for it to be cleaned.  And so I set a challenge to myself last Sunday to personally wash it, haha!!!  You can just imagine how I was nervous while doing the cleaning and how delicately I handled it.  But I believe I was successful.  The fabric's texture and feel was still the same after a few hours of hanging it to dry.  And that's the end of the story for me.  Sorry for this nonsense.  Haha!!! 

And now for the threesome part.....

#1 Layered with a lace dress...

Mango lace dress and squared sunnies; Charles 'n Keith shoes, Zara bag

#2 TColor trio: black, white and yellow

Thrifted yellow tank top; Prima Donna clutch; Mango high-waisted/ wide-legged trousers; Cotton On wedges/ Aldo cats-eye frames

#3 Leather-ized

Thrifted skin tone tank top; A-shaped leather skirt from H&M and Zara pumps;
Sunnies by Charlie

Obviously, the third one wasn't worn to work yet.  As you can see this is one of those dress and shoot rehearsals. :P  I'm still on the schedule of my usual clothes-rotating sked. :P  But I can't wait for this to be paired with all the other bottoms and dressed I can think of.  Like I said, a round two may just be around the corner. Hihi.  Until the next threesome post! ;-)

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