Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anilao Weekend!


So I just spent my Sunday in Anilao, Batangas to do some fun dives!!!  It was fun spending time with my "underwater" friends again although the gang (which we sooo thoughtfully named "Danger", lol) weren't complete.  

Here's a "magulo" group shot in Scuba Bro Dive Resort in Anilao.  That's me with blue fins and  the ever-sickening peace sign pose on your  left. ;-)

Moi, Jan, Mik, Keisi and Kat

Now I finally understand why Anilao is called a diver's haven here in the Philippines.  We saw a LOOOOT of marine life here than in Bauan, Batangas!  The trip was very educational too, thanks to our dive master who's very enthusiastic about sea creatures. I really got myself familiarized with more "underwater" friends here.  Lionfish, juvenile ribbon eel, moray eel, turtle, rounded batfish and so many more.  Point it and I will give their scientific name.  Haha, I kid!!!

Take for example this, the only picture I have with a pufferfish.  Waaah, I think I need to invest in an underwater camera. :P

I'm sorry but Nemo paled in comparison to all the other fishes we saw.  Nalaos talaga siya.  A has been.  Haha!!!  While I love Dory's character, my new favorite now is this tiny puffer fish.

This is not an actual photo from our dive but I had that extreme joy of holding this in the palm of my hand last Sunday and he was soooo tiny and soooo cute.  He was even fluttering his eyelashes at me.  I took it as a sign of me wanting him to be taken home.  OH.MY.GOD, I was squealing with joy and making little screams underwater even with my regulator on.  He was so soft and absolutely the squeeziest underwater creature I've ever met!!!   If only I could pinch him in his cheeks.  Yay!!! (Ahaha, think Darla, the dentist's niece in Finding Nemo).  LOL!

I have to go back to Anilao and find him again.  I have to atleast have a picture with him.  I miss him already.  :((

Our DM (dive master) also introduced us to this restaurant that serves the best baby back ribs!  Only for divers, haha!!  If you happen to be diving in Batangas, pass by Johanna's Grille in P. Burgos Street!  I wasn't able to resist the meat, it was sooooo good!!!

Yey to memting more diving friends!!! Here's my dive team last Sunday. :)

And for my finale picture, my favorite weekend photo courtesy of Vince, the one on my right in photo above. 

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