Thursday, May 30, 2013

H&M Combo in 3!


For today's hashtag, I thought about exploring this H&M combo dress and skirt (yep, it's a dress) and give it some new look.  

Look #1:  Utilitarian

So this jacket for some reason landed in my room weeks ago.  I know it's my brother's and when I saw the color I know that I could pair it with these flat boots that are inspired by the Marant ankle boots here for some utilitarian look.  I just love these boots, they're definitely made for walking.  Haha!

When my brother learned that I wore his coat yesterday, he told me where he bought it.  Apparently it's in some cheap outlet stores in Marikina during his taping for Pintada.  He actually wore it in one of his scenes, haha!  

Look #2:  Grayed out

With a gray trench coat from Maldita and Vincci boots... The boots reminded me of Louboutin's in here.

Look #3: Pink'd!

With some pink accessories...

The other two photos are rather bland and nothing special, haha!  But trust me, variety is always good! ;-)

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