Saturday, February 05, 2011


Saturday afternoon, checked out of Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa to transfer to my third hotel for the week, the Marina Bay Sands. I’ve been meaning to see Bintan, Indonesia, which is one ferry away from Singapore for the last weekend, but the girls had some other plans. They reasoned that we’ll also swim in the pool in Bintan so might as well just check the said hotel’s infinity pool. Lols!

The girls (Plokie and XieXie) had some chores to do so I went ahead instead of dropping by their flat in Hougang first. Even if it means not being able to check-in first since Plokie holds the reservation. I was able to roam around The high-end Shoppes at Marina Bay. Granted there were still some closed shops but everything is almost complete as compared to my last July visit. But of course I feel like saying to myself, heller it’s been six months since what was I expecting? Hahaha!! The gondola ride below is already fully operational. Hmm, I heard the price is only 5 SGD, which is quite cheap, compared to the one in Venetian in Macau.  But the difference here is that it is a Chinese Gondola.  So no handsome gondolier crooning for you. :P
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Canal
After waiting for 3 hours, 3 HOURS!!, the girls finally arrived and we were assigned a room somewhere in the 9th floor of tower 3. This is our room’s view. J It’s nothing much actually but just some construction ongoing but one feature I love in this room is the auto-open of the curtains once you put in your card key. ;-) Their lift or what we so called elevators here require also the card key when you move from floors to floors which triggers uhmm err that embarrassing experience of mine from another hotel here if y'all have read it last time.  Hahaha!!  Another thing that is automated here is the mini-bar. Once you open the fridge, the sensor will automatically detect the items and will be instantly charged to your room. We dared not open the fridge for fear of getting bankrupt since we’re already broke from our one night reservation here. Mwahaha!! =))
Xiela and Me w/ our room's view :)
I can't count how many hotels I’ve stayed at in SG. But I love the scent of their toiletries here. Also, one thing I noticed from all of them is that their towels smell the same and it’s not too fragrant for me. Sorry but I’m a big fan of fab cons (fabric conditioners). But it’s different in here. J

MBS toiletries
After checking out the pool above, we all got dressed to have pics at night by the infinity pool. Our check-in sked was very bad, as it’s been raining almost everyday in SG last week. It’s soooo cold up there in the 54th floor and with my trench coat on; I walked towards the edge to get a view of Singapore at night at the top of MBS. I dared not bring my DSLR, this was taken using my űber-chic pink Canon IXUS 130. ;-)

Night view up at the 54th floor
No one can beat Plokie. Kasehodang mabasa ng ulan ang DSLR!! She wouldn’t so mind the raindrops on her DSLR, just so we can have night photos by the pool. Oo nga naman, we wouldn’t be here tomorrow night anymore. Hahaha!! Hence the theme song for this experience is Beyonce’s One Night Only, One Night Only, Come On Baby Come On. Hahaha!!!
Night swimming @ the Infinity pool
There were only few good shots since Plokie had to play with her camera to find the nice settings (it's Canon, I only know about Nikon :p) and it's drizzling. Uhmm, our aim is to have atleast 50 good shots per person. Hahaha!! Kidding. :)) So sad, we could only wish for the sun to come up tomorrow to be able to enjoy all the amenities. ☼☼☼

And once again since we’re penniless for this crazy idea of checking in here, we opted for some pizza delivery in our room for dinner. Haha!! Cheapskates! =))  Then got dressed to par-tay! :P
wearing my sequins on sequins :)
to be continued....


Anonymous said...

How long is your work-vacation in Singapore lol?
I'm not impressed with Macau, and I'm glad I only stayed for 2 days. I lost a $1000.00 USD gambling maybe that's why I'm not impressed lolz.
As far as China is concerned, I wish I stayed longer, but Bevan and I made a mistake of only getting 2 entry visas. We should have done unlimited entries to China, so we could have done day trips consistently.

I'm already planning my next trip.. I'm trying to get my mother to get her Pinoy crew in the US to pay for my trip to Turkey with them and I'll be the official photographer lol..

Bevan and I are also planning our next trip to Asia for Jan 2012.
We're thinking of starting off in Beijing, and ending it in HK. Who knows if I can make it happen thought. GF might start wondering why I'm going on vacation with the boys, and not with her hahaha.


CaseyCakes said...

Wow Turkey!! You can cross Greece from there is it? Inggit!

Good for u, I think I'm cancelling my Indochina trip this week. The other guy who's w/ us was assigned to London and the other girl doesn't want to push through with it anymore. :( If only I could brave it alone. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos? When are you going? Delay your trip till jan, and I'll backpack with ya lol..