Monday, February 07, 2011

SG Last Day

It only took a 50 SGD keyword for us to make an about face once we were there up Kudeta bar by the top deck. LOL! It’s like bouncer says need to pay damage fee and we were like “Err, okay.” Turn around and poof! Gone! Hahaha!!! I think the fee was applicable from 10 PM upwards. But regardless! It’s exorbitant. :P And we already paid more than enough. LOLs!

Judging by the time it took for us to get dressed, I believe no one was really in the mood to par-tay. Is it because Xiela is already married and it rubs off on us? :P But to be fair, we tried moving to a different place but the cold night drizzle and the long queue of taxi didn’t really help. So in the end we just ramped up our outfits to the foodcourt by The Shoppes to quench our thirst and spent the usual ladies talk about the never-ending topic of men. Tsk! Two single ladies (one hasn’t had a bf since birth, one hasn’t had a bf for X years), I believe this is the part Xiela gets to appreciate how lucky she is. LOL!

Sunday morning, everybody’s really really set to swim in the infinity pool (and not just soaking for pictures per se) since like just what other’s said, that pretty much sums up the one night we paid for. 8AM, it seems like there’s nary a sign of Mr. Sun coming out. (If only singing to Barney’s Mr. Sun could help, hahaha!!).

view at the top around 9 AM
 Sigh. We had to do the shoots quickly. Each of us took turns getting to “the edge”. Does it look scary from here?
me at the edge of the infinity pool

Actually, it’s not like sloping downwards already from there (just like what I initially thought, hehe) but the edge looks something like this:

infinity pool
Seriously, the lifeguards here carry a heavy responsibility in overseeing the pool swimmers. I was often whistled for getting close too much to the edge just so I can take photos. :P

And we haven’t stayed for a total of thirty minutes when the rain started pouring. Aaargh!! Talk about awful timing. I haven’t even had a good lap and we’re checking out before lunchtime. XD It’s true when I heard from my Friday date that they don’t allow to swim when the rain gets heavy. So later when we were in the Jacuzzi, they asked everyone to vacate the area. Sigh. 

And once again, who wouldn’t be impressed with Plok? This time, kasehodang mabasa ang Iphone. Hahaha!! I dared not risk my point and shoot so Plok took our her Iphone instead.  We took the photo below during the rain just so we can have a souvenir by the bubbling hot bath. :P And can I just ask, why is it that Indians love to take photos with foreigners? This is the second time that an Indian took photos with the three of us. I dare not think it’s just simply because of us?? Hahahaha!!

us by the Jacuzzi
After check-out, we quickly dropped by Suntec mall to have lunch and shop for "a bit" since Plokie is headed to Seoul for the Chinese New Year. Plok introduced me to this shop named New Look where they have "copycats" of items from Topshop and Zara. I convinced her to buy these uggs:

trying the Uggs

She was hesitant at first but changed her mind after finding out how comfortable they are.  I got a pair for myself too even if I am not going to Korea.  Hahaha!!  I got another pair of platforms also (and I think about my TB flats and the promise that came along with it, yays!).  This shop is definitely going to be added to my haunts everytime I visit SG! ☺√

So in the end, three hours before my flight going home, here I am:

shopping at Suntec

SsSsHhHhOoOoEeEe HaaaaPPPyyy!!!  Hahaha!!  Then dilemma strikes after two ticks, how do I stuff this in my already full luggage?????????? :))

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