Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Condura Skyway Marathon

Bad record!! I finished three minutes longer than my 1st 10K run last year. Yep, that one without sleep. Haha!!  I think I walked through half of the race. Haha!! But the good thing about here is that, it’s just the first for this year. And I have atleast ten more months to improve on it. Tama?? Taaaammmaaaa!!! ;-)

Thanks to my GBF for offering a logical explanation to that extra three minutes. If the track has more uphill, then it will definitely mean more work. More work means more energy. And more energy, mas happy!! Ayyy, sa TV commercial ad pala yun. Hahaha!! But who’s complaining? That’s the reason why I joined this right??? Ginusto mo yan eh!! LOL! To be able to run along the Skyway! Without the necessary toll fee, as one friend of mine joked in FB. LOL!

I mean, okay fine I asked for it. But I didn’t realize that there will be about I think three of ‘em flyovers waiting for me! And I encountered the first one, I think even before my first ten minutes of running. What the whack?? I wasn't prepared.  Hehehe. And there goes the story of my first pace down and walk. :P Hirap kaya tumakbo sa incline!! :P Note to self: Must practice running in an inclined treadmill in the gym. Haha!!

10k map
Another reason why I joined this is to officially commemorate the first time I joined running! It was also February last year, a Condura event too, when my legs had its first initiation. LOL! Me and my then friend (then being the operative word) weren’t registered properly that time. We were just bandits and we sneaked our way into the assembly area using but our her charm. But now I did it properly, registering for a good cause (the dolphins) and gaining recognition by having a 10K medal! Yehey!! They had chocolates and ice creams as giveaways too. :P

It was good seeing Leah again and for a few minutes while waiting for our respective companions, I was able to explain the real cause of a rift from a major major drama last year (read: My 10 of 2010 Part 1,lol!). Good to know she was all the while on the side of the truth and nothing but the truth. ;-)

me and Leah showing off our medals :)
And of course, my female running buddy Joan! Our trio was incomplete as Dolpy (who is always determined to break my record, lol!) is currently in London for work assignment.

Joanne and me
And here it is, ang pinakaaasam-asam kong medal (hey, that’s such a profound Tagalog :P)

my 10K medal :)
Congratulations to Tish for finishing the 21K and to my friend Sam for making the 42K! WOW naman! Ako kaya kelan?? When’s my turn?? Hahaha!!

ice cream :P
Giving away ice cream after marathon is the best idea they've come up with ever.  LOLs!


Tisha said...

Aww thanks, KC! And congrats din! I don't have my medal yet.:( And I didn't get free ice cream! Ubos na yung flavors na gusto ko.

I'm so thankful I trained running uphill so it wasn't so bad on the day of the run. Do 21K next! I (barely) trained for three weeks--mga twice a week lang ang takbo. Har. So kayang-kaya mo yan.

Anonymous said...

Contests ladies good job on the run.. It almost motivates me to start training again.. Almost lol..


CaseyCakes said...

@ Tish -> Ayy you didn't claim ur medal? Sayang naman..I think I'll do 16k before 21k..Haha! Thanks! Sayang wasn't able to see you noh? :)

@Wil -> Hahaha!! Doooooo eeeeett!!

Tisha said...

We registered late so our medals will be delivered na lang.:)