Friday, February 11, 2011

Hard Rock Hotel @ RWS

Like I said in my last post, the whole staff of the company was billeted at Hard Rock Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa for some two-day training. :)  This is how my room looked like.  I shared it with another Filipina colleague in the office who is SG-based - Ms Dynah.

Deluxe room
Ms Dynah wasn't able to attend last year's annual event so we had a lot to catch up on Thursday night before we slept.  When finally the activities for the day took its toll on us and we switched off all lights that are accessible by the switches near our respective beds, there's one thing more we noticed that impedes our already soporific surrounding.  Did you notice that two columns of bright bulbs on the right side?  Haha!  It's coming from the toilet.

toilet mirror
I love it when I'm doing my make-up in there coz I feel like I'm a celebrity in my dressing room.  Rock and roll.  Hahaha!!  Hmm, my only gripe from the room is not being able to take away some of the toiletries because they come in big bottles.  :P  Yes, please keep it a secret I do take away the mini bottles coz I always bring my own set to use.  Haha!  Who doesn't do it??? :P  So in the end my only souvenir is the mini-lotion from the guitar-like stand below. ;-)

The hallway leading to the rooms is quite dark.  But I love the drama of this orange couch near the elevators - or what they commonly call as lifts. :P

couch near the hotel's lifts
But my most favorite part of all!!!!!!  The elevator itself!!  See below!  Hahaha!!!

sparkly lift
Loves it!!  OMG, you just don't know how many photos I took of me inside.  Hahaha!!! :))

For some late night music, this is where the performers do their act.  Initially, I thought it's just an exhibition area because of those stands blocking the way to the stage.  It was quite memorable how I demonstrated the Singlish accent when I asked our VP that one word "Can?" when we were passing by the area coz I wanna have a picture of me in the stage.  Haha!  For this entire trip, I don't know how that accent instantly rubbed off on me.  All those cans? lah and mah?  Haha!

There were some performers that Thursday night but after the company dinner from another hotel, the "drinkers" went to some bar to drink.  I joined them (had a cranberry drink, lol!) where Ms Dynah and I introduced the game Pinoy Henyo to the girls.  After that the others went to the casino to play.

It's true what our VP said, when you're in a resort you should always bring your swimwear.  :P  Only few of the staffs were able to enjoy the pool.  Here's me and Ei Kay frolicking in the artificial beach (they made the second pool beach like with sands).

Me and Ei Kay (our bosses somewhere behind swimming) :))
And for my favorite photo inside the lift, hahaha!!!  Super like that it deserved a FB profile pic. :P

Super enjoyed it here! :)

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