Sunday, February 13, 2011

Casual Stripes

The first time Kim Kardashian really made an impact on me was when I saw her wearing this:

I mean, I'd often see her in some Hollywood gossip sites I avid and I would pass up on stories about her.  But when I saw this photo, I saved it not for the fact that she's smokin' hot in there but because I have a similar dress I got from H&M in HK last year of January and realized to myself - "Wow, I could never pull that dress of as Kim did."  LOL!

Granted, I got the dress one size larger than my usual because there's no more available in Tsim Sha Tsui's H&M branch and I really like it so I'll do whatever I can to give justice to it.  Haha!  Last February in that hyperlink above (how timely that I'm blogging about this dress which I debuted exactly a year ago?? :p), I wore it with a wrestling championship belt (as what my Intel colleagues would often refer to my big belts, hahaha!!!)  I got from D. Perkins.  But thanks to Kristin Cavallari (another one of those celebs who I didn't notice before until I see her wearing my dress, lol!), she helped me came up with another way to dress it up:

It doesn't seem to me that the dress are identical and I don't think Kim will wear something from H&M (though it exactly looked the same to me :P).  So for the last day of training:

Pardon the messy room.  :))  This was actually the day I woke up 30 mins before the training starts and it was a miracle how I was able to make it.  LOL!

That's me and my HK colleague Joanna touring Sentosa on a Friday night.  Since her flight is yet on the next day, we decided to go around the attractions near the hotel and check out this Candylicious shop.  It has a lot of cute stuffs but very pricey! :P

And for my last day, I went for a sailor look!  I love this style, I wasn't sure why it did not penetrate much last year when it was re-introduced by Chanel I believe.  Not so sure about that.

The shorts is from Zara.  If you look closely at the buttons,

The necklace I got it free from a dress I bought in Chatuchak last April. ;)

Can I just say that I was absolutely flattered when one of my colleagues from Taiwan said I dress up elegantly?  :P  But the other two unsolicited adjectives I got from this trip are err expensive and high-maintenance.  LOL!  Sooo not true! :P

Oh, one more photo during the training:  Me as the secretary. :P



Nivek said...

At Intel we called that being the scribe and we all took turns. Sounds more elegant and important than secretary :)

CaseyCakes said...

thanks Kev!

Nivek said...
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Nivek said...

I thought I'd share this with my fashionista friend... be careful

--Federal Agents Seize 18 Domains Linked to Counterfeit Fashion Accessories
(February 14, 2011)
Agents of the US government have seized an additional 18 domains that
have been linked to piracy, bringing the total seized under Operation
in Our Sites to nearly 120. The sites affected today allegedly sold
counterfeit jewelry, handbags and other fashion accessories. The action
was taken with no advance warning to the sites. Two weeks ago, the same
agencies seized 10 domains associated with providing pirated sporting
event content.