Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mann Hann. V Day

With free tickets at Promenade last Friday I can only be too happy to finally watch Valentine's day for free (thanks Joy! ű). Oli requested for a last full show so he can do jam after work so it's gonna be dinner first and the location was already planned even before. Mann Hann. Chinese food it is but Joy & I were really curious as to this branch in San Juan to which Cathy describes as "sobrang ganda". Haha!

It doesn't have a sign outside but standing from where we dropped of, the place looks really impressive with its high ceiling. You will just not think it's a restaurant though.

We were seated in a huge table that sort of says "away-away muna tayo". Haha! Cathy ordered the food w/o waiting for the menu, you can tell she's a regular. Haha!

And even with the space "wasted", I don't think there's any revenue loss. The place was jampacked already by the time we left not just because of the Chinese New Year upcoming celebrations. I know it will always be. Anyway, pre and post dining we took pictures by the left and right patio with Oli's cam effects as usual.

And about the movie, I know it's a rom-com! I just can't understand why I find myself teary-eyed at some scenes. Shheeesh, I must be PMS-ing or something. My hormones are all over the place. LOL!

Celebrity sighting. Well actually not really. We're supposed to watch with JT's celebrity friends Wil D. and his gf who happened to be his cousin but they didn't make it in time. For the last full show, lol! JT is such a celebrity boy! Hahaha!

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