Saturday, February 13, 2010

Macau & HK Fashion

♫♪ Walk, walk fashion baby Work it move that ___ crazy..Walk, walk fashion baby Work it move that ___ crazy...........♫♪

If there's one reason for taking photography seriously for me, it would have to be able to take pictures like this person does! And in Paris, no less!!! Aaaahhh........

And you must know that I looooooooooove winter so much! I wish we have it here in PH. And HK street style is just the perfect people to shoot! I can never work their way with boots, stockings etc..So here's my feeble attempt using different cameras (haha!), I wish I was bolder to capture some infront, but that's just tooo stalker-ish! :P

BFFs in the same boots!!! Taken while waiting for my Chinese speaking colleagues at the border of Macau & Zhuhai.

Posh girl at Harbour City mall. Loves everything in her ensemble. The belt, the shoes, everything!! I can never work out that outfit - IN THAT WEATHER! Haha!

UGGS. Ever since my Korea trip years ago, I promised to reward myself with an Uggs! Up to now, I don't even own a pair! LOL!

Burberry Kid. Or atleast I think it's Burberry! Taken at OP, how fashionable this kid is???????

And another one.......Errr, I learned to dress up properly when I was 16. Seriously.

Even the dogs are fashionable too! Haha!! Soooooooo cute! I'm so glad the owner had the intuition to cover them up from the cold. Hihi. :)

I noticed that purple is quite a prevalent color for puff jackets in HK - both for men and women. Haha!! Good choice for me! ;)

But there's one trend in HK-Macau that I intentionally did not cover in this post! For sure you already have an idea of it, I "collect" it! It's tooooooooooo rampant, I swear you're gonna puke about the sight of it in that place. Haha! I'll cover it in my next. ;)


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Tisha said...

You know, I'm quite content that we don't have winter. Haha. Snow's fun at the start, but man I can't stand it when its windy and incredibly chilly. It's such a hassle to go out wearing so many layers!

Anonymous said...

hi tish! yeah i've heard those comments a not really wishing for snow, just something that of HK's weather..thanks for the comment. :)