Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Run KC Run!

Alright, count me in! =D When Cathy 1st mentioned the idea of joining a marathon, I was like "Yeah sure it would be fun to try." After all like what my friend Sam said in his blog, "Every person who has ever had fitness high in his list of priorities has probably dreamt of running in a full marathon at one time or another." My translation?? "Lakas kaya makapayat yan!" Hahaha!!

Of course having said yes to that meant that in one way or another we must set a day for practice but given my ever hectic sked specially after the Macau-HK trip, I wasn't able to find time to do so. And while conducting different business meetings with clients, I met a lot of people from the corporate world who are soooooooo into it! I didn't realize it was that "IN". I mean just like how there are sooooo many photography enthusiasts out there, so is the running enthusiasts (if that's what you call 'em =p). Tell me about it, there was one guy after mentioning it to him, asked for my number so he could inform me whenever they have practices and join 'em. Addicts!! Let's refer to the Guy Mr. R because he's gonna be mentioned again below, lol! So back to the meetings, in order to sustain the conversation I will inform them that yes I did join the marathon too and when the meeting's over there will be some parting words from my lips "See you on Feb 7!". But inside my head I was like, "Oh no, they're gonna see me become an epic failure!" Wahaha!!!

On a positive note, it's not like I belong in the same category as them. These MEN I met are all the tough ones running 21Ks and beyond. So they're not really gonna see me. Hooray!! Haha!! Even without practice and actual experience, Cathy & I refused to start with a beginner's 3K. So 5K it is. :P

530 AM @ The Fort, the air is still bone-chilling in my Nike top, I was repeating Sam's advice in my head while walking to the starting line "Run at your own pace, run at your own pace..." And since there was five of us (with 3 badminton friends), I had to remind them "Guys, walang iwanan ha?" Hahaha!! So scared to be left behind, LOL!
Carla, me, Cathy, Jasper & Philip

If you are wondering why we're not in those jerseys the usual runners wear, it's simply because we were just bandits!! Yay!! Actually, it's not called jerseys but rather singlets!! Woohoo!! Remember when I mentioned that word in my SG blog?? LOL!! Anyway, it was already late when Cathy informed me that we were not able to register on time but since I already informed my "business contacts" that I will be there, I just simply had to keep my word. =P Had I known earlier this would be for a cause - a run for the dolphins, I should've paid and registered properly. Up to now I still feel sad whenever I remember that chain mail on massive killing of dolphins in Denmark. =,( Don't you just adore dolphins???

Back to the run, when the 5K runners were called, of course we simply cannot enter the area immediately. We were somewhere in between the hundreds of people that registered for that category. And when the marathon started, the competitive side of Cathy & I was saying that we just simply had to take off and leave the three of 'em behind. Hahaha!!! So much for saying to stick together. LOL!

But really, I just really wanna see how I would fare and Cathy & I were the ones who are the most at par with each other when it comes to pace. ;-) So to cut the story short, we finished the category for a record of............................................35 MINS!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!! =D

It's not actually the exact time but we just kind of estimated since we didn't find the digital display on time. Our outmost concern when we reached the finish line was, "Where the hell are they?" Hahaha!!!

Even to myself I knew this is a record because I run 1.5K in the treadmill during warm-ups for a total of 15 mins. I discussed this to Mr. R and he declared it's quite fast for a beginner!! Weeeeeeee!!!!! And then I heard someone bantered, "Shempre si KC pa ang hahaba kaya ng mga galamay nyan sa paa!" Hahaha!! Oh by the way, this is us right after finishing the 5K. Please tell me how addict Cathy is for bringing her pink Cybershot during the run, LOL!

how cute is it that we have matching headbands and tops w/o really planning about it? haha!

After seeing this pic, I was like "Look at us, ain't it funny is it just beginner's luck?" Ay kanta pala yun, hahaha!! I kid, I kid. I mean I know you already had KC & CJ overload pics from the last two posts you're gonna throw up if you see more (:p) but really, look at us we don't look wasted or haggard at all!! And it's not meant to be a compliment for me. I don't want a finishing picture looking all fresh and pretty - I want those types all sweaty with hair all over the place and tongue coming out of exhaustion. Hahaha!!! This just simply means one thing, WE ARE NOT MADE FOR 5K!! 5K is just for, what's Sam's term again?? Sissies?? Hahaha!!! Ang yabang!! But before you get all hyped up, it's gonna take time of course to do the 10K. It's all part of the plan, someday it will happen. :D We need more 5Ks to be able to do that and on Feb 21, there must be an improved record. So YES!!! I'M GONNA BE A SUPERBOD!! WAHAHA!!!

OMG, running is so fun! I can't believe I've been inviting almost everybody to come and try it!! Now I understand the passion! :D

On another note, I mean like why 35 mins is already a record for me (LOL, I really won't stop until a lot of people would tell me about it.. :P), aside from no actual practice or experience...

1. I only had 3.5 hrs of sleep. We were all checked-in in a hotel the day before. And

2. Me & Philip did night swimming. Plus downing some Cruiser vodkas before sleeping.

3. I have this pain somewhere at the right side of my tummy whenever I drink a cup of water during the run it makes me slow down. Somebody advised it's about improper breathing. :( And not to mention Cathy & I taking pics when we slow down, LOL!

So, collage below summarizes aforementioned activities:


Tisha said...

Good job.:) Running is, like, the sport du jour. It's insane how many people run around High Street on weeknights. Been running on and off for a few years but I'm about to run my first "marathon" pa lang. The husband wants to do 5K lang, but will try to convince him to do 10...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Does Derek R have something to do with you guys joining marathons again?? Hihi. =)


Anonymous said...

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Tisha said...

Was thinking of joining Century to support him, but, er, was too tamad. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I see..I was waiting for you to blog about the run..hindi pla natuloy.. =P