Sunday, February 07, 2010

KC & CJ in HK - Day 2

We went toooooooooo...................daran..................

Ocean Park is soooooooo FUN! =D When my Indo colleagues told me about their plan of going to Disneyland, I told them to come here instead. I had no idea they're gonna follow my advice since we went separate ways. I was just surprised to find them taking pictures after our 1st ride which was the..........

Mine Train. Haha!! Guess who's scared to try it?? Cathy told the story on how she cried after her 1st space shuttle ride in Enchanted Kingdom. Haha!! But somehow we were able to convince her. :D But looks who's more afraid in the pic. LOL!

After the mine train, someone instantly became fearless in trying everything. Haha! Taken during the Raging River, we refused to buy those raincoats - 30 HKD! :P

Uhmm, don't be scared that I'll be posting each photos of the rides we took. Coz we almost tried all!! Haha!! But I was amazed that even if I got wet and there's absolutely no sun in that area, I did not get sick. Theme park highlight! Yey!! =D

This is one absolute favorite! Ang sweeeeeeeeetttt namen, we look like a couple!! Wahaha!!!

Another highlight is my 1st cable car ride!! Sssssshhhhh, don't tell anyone. Hahaha!!! :-$ Yup, wasn't able to try it in Sentosa last time with Joyee and I didn't make it also during the Tagaytay Highlands trip last last year with Cathy & friends.

Then there were those concept photos, sad face because the fishy fishy is alone. LOL!

Just how cute the panda An-An is?? Stopped by the merchandise for photo-ops and look someone's holding a plastic bag already! LOL!

Sorry guys, that's just really the way we are. So to my FB friends, don't wonder why I haven't posted any album yet, there's just a gazillion of photos that need to be resized! LOL!

For my final highlight, let me tell you a story. Haha!! While queued for The Dragon, I noticed this group of teenagers in shorts. IN. SHORTS. - In that weather!!! I always have an issue on this even when I was in Everland. Wala lang, I wish my body's more tolerable when it comes to that kind of weather.
Anyways, they were on a line infront of us and the cutest of 'em (2nd girl from the left) turned around to face me belting out to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance played in her phone. Of course you know me, I was singing along as well and I appreciate the music while waiting for our turn since the line was quite long. Since that song was included in Retro group ex in gym, Cathy asked me to remind her of the steps. Of course, it didn't help that I watched the video over a million times in Youtube so as to memorize it. I didn't know that cute girl pointed me to her friends and when the chorus cued in plus me enjoying their attention (lol!), I gladly demonstrated the steps to her. And they all applauded!! LOL, LOL, LOL!! I'M A STAR!! HAHAHAHA!!! No really, I didn't realize these HK teenagers are so easy to please I could be a performer in HK. WAHAHA!!! Just kidding.

These kids are sooo cute even saying bye-bye to us when it was already their turn in The Dragon. And it didn't end there. On the next ride which is the Crazy Galleon which is similar to our EK's Anchors Away, they all gladly skipped their turn and waited for us so we can all ride together. Cute right?? So here they are, meet our new friends. Hahaha!!

That place is really HUGE I really appreciate all those escalators, ahaha!! One day isn't enough to try all the attractions!! And they are still renovating!!! The ticket fee is definitely worth every penny and the experience is worth coming back for! =D

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