Thursday, February 04, 2010

KC & CJ in HK - Day 1

Warning: Pics overload (LOL!)

'Twas already past lunchtime when the ferry arrived from Macau to HK - with me & my Indo counterparts. :) And Cathy & I met up at the terminal with her straight from the airport. :)

We had lunch @ whereelse but McD..haha!! Yey to countries that offer Sausage Mcmuffin all the time and not just during breakfast!!! It's my favorite!! :D

Apart from a taxi ride I shared with her on our way to ABS for the ASAP viewing, this will just be the 2nd time that I'm going to commute with her. Haha!

First agenda?? Of course shopping! Window shopping that is, haha!! Aaaaah, KC & CJ's favorite street!! LOL! Actually mine is on the other side of the pic here where H&M is and that side is for Cathy's. Haha! While scoring a shoe in H&M, I had some celebrity sighting and JT upon learning the news that it was his cousin we saw, wondered why we didn't greet her. Duh, as if she's gonna recall us when we were introduced in the Emba party years ago. =P

I just knew that G bag CJ's been eyeing for the longest time now will be hers in this or coming month. I bet! Haha!! Then we had some pictorial by the Chinese New Year displays by the harbour. Cute! ;)

And the pic I so long to have - one by the harbour at nighttime. :) Aaaahh, postcard-worthy! =)

Then we we're off to Victoria Peak for the country's view at night. It was super foggy not to mention ssuuuuuuuppppeeeerrrrrrrr cooolllllddddddddd!!!! Brrrrrr................

Nobody was able to take pictures along the peak. Not even my Indo counterparts with their DSLRs ready. So here's us, dog-tired around 11 PM.

You know what to expect for Day 2 in Ocean Park. MORE PICS!! Haha! =D

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