Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sat: jt.edsa.feast@sumosam.goldenspoon

Inasmuch as I want my LV post to remain always on top (that pic is so special =), the happenings last weekend leaves me with no choice. There's a whole backlog of stories and pics in here, come to think of it I haven't posted anything about HK yet. Pics aren't even available @ FB as well. * sigh * Soooo busy.

Well guess who's back??? JT's back!! And he's bringing sexy back! Haha! Ang corny ko. It's not Justin T, but our party boy JT is back from the States and he's here to stay for about 2 good months. :)

We were only able to meet him last Saturday at the gym even if he was already here for about 2 weeks!! I made tampo to him about this. Sorry, I can't help it. Our group made full use of Nov '08 Fridays you know. Haha!

Anyways, Cathy has just learned to drive and has been practicing it for 3 weeks already. That Saturday was memorable, imagine we got lost along Edsa on how to go from Greenhills to Edsa Shang. Nawawala kami sa Edsa!!!! Hahaha!!! It was also a bad move to stay in the passenger's seat coz everytime I freak out we're going to bump into a BUS, so does the driver haha! I'll take note of it next time, it's either I stay out of that seat or remain calm! LOL!

Our choice for lunch was............drumroll please................SUMOSAM!! Hahaha!!

Since it took us time to get there, instead of staying well along Greenhills with JT starving already after gym, plus Cathy asking JT to drive for her on that steepy parking lot, she felt extra generous to make it up to him. Hence, the feast!!!

Oh boy, I didn't know we can eat all of these. Such gluttons!! Hahaha!! We had 2 orders of salmon sashimi, about 4 different kinds of maki, chicken teriyaki, ebi tempura plus beef ramen soup!!! TAKAW!!! Hahaha!!!

And as if the pig-out wasn't enough, we tried this new yogurt right beside Starbucks of the said mall- Golden Spoon! We had fun having free taste of each and every flavor!! Hahaha!!
And this is certainly just the first, of all the happenings yet to come. Right Jates?
And can I just say with all these eating, ANG TABA KO NA!! HAHAHA!!

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