Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fri: The Blind Side + Buffalo's + LV

Blind Side. Inspirational. A film about relationships and the effects of great acts of kindness. The first scene had me concluding I won't enjoy it since I know bugger about football. But I was wrong coz it kept me entertained for the entire 2 hrs. =)

Uhmm just advertising, my first time to try the Orange Mocha Latte of Starbucks and I lahvet! Cathy too! =)

My new bag is one of my HK "splurges" (lol!) and so is Cathy's disney shirt. Haha!

From Rockwell, Cathy drove back to GH to meet Oli for dinner. He wasn't able to join us in the movie. He's been asking us to try his favorite Buffalo chicken wings for the longest time so we finally gave in. Haha!

And yup, chicken's all gooooooooddddddd!!!! =)

'Twas good seeing Marvs again this year after being swamped with work. And after comparing with mine, I wonder if it's really this loaded during the start of the year. * sigh *

Yey to cam effects while waiting for someone @ Coffee Bean. ;)

Oh dear, what to do with his busy sked??? * sigh * At the verge of giving up, he arrived around 1 AM to meet my friends. =)

And it was enough to keep a smile plastered on my face until the next few days or so..................

La la la la la........................=)

I'm in LOVE...............

with this photo...............Ayayay!!!! =))

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