Friday, January 29, 2010

GH Jammers!

Taking a break from my Macau-HK updates to give way for some Tuesday happenings!

It's Body Jam Rev 51 Launch!!! Yiiipppppeeeee!!! Lovin' the new tracks and the new steps of course. I attended the launch in Greenhills - my home branch!

Funny, after knowing Oli last December, it's my first time to do the jam with him this year. Yay! Conflicting skeds, sigh.

Hurray for this shot! I remember in my '08 recap saying that I want a pic of dancing in action for '09. Haha! Howell, this is a year too late but atleast it's one of the moves in one Latin track of Gloria Estefan. Thanks to Oli for this shot. Looks like the Nike girls reached the ceiling already. Haha!!

And then there are some goofin' around post launch like pretending to do the Pilates - reach your toes pose! Haha!

I can already imagine the woman in the pic thinking, "Ano ba pinaggagawa ng mga 'to?" Hahaha!!

And of course, my favorite shot - CARTWHEEL!!! Ohmigosh, I never thought I can still do it!!! Haha!! Amazing!!!

I can still remember the last time I did it was for a cheering competition in college. Yaaaaayyy!!! Now I know someone who wants to incorporate it in his spins - yihee Oli! Haha!

Until the next body jam and next update guys! =)

You're all amazing! Haha!

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