Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Key Items - Part 2

You'll be proud of me. In my part 1 post of this title I forgot to mention that the first two items are not new. The winter hat was bought for my Korea trip 2 years ago and the specs I wore were borrowed from my brother. He uses that for props in some shoots and tapings. See, I didn't shop much for this trip. In fact, no new dresses were worn for the meetings! Yup. Impressed now?? Okay, not so fast. Hahaha!! Because I just have to show these.

5. L-uggage. =) Fine it's new. Honestly, I really have to replace the old one simply because I'm having problems with the handle. Now this one, I was again persuaded by the sales gay because this brand has an international warranty of up to 2 years I think and some other features. Definitely an investment. LOL! The only thing is, I chose the red instead of black because according to him black is so dull but when I saw it come out of the carousel with dirt on the side, I went aaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhh!!! Bloody red!

Pic above taken at HK ferry terminal. Trolley looks fine by then but I cannot tell for you when seen at HK airport going home to Manila - OVERWEIGHT!!! LOL!!!
6. Stockings. =) Not that I wore this during the meetings. Only for uhmmm, pictorial purposes. Hahaha!!! You know me. ;-)

Again, this is another teaser for the Venetian suite! Taken in the shower room with I think the size of my bedroom, lol! Btw, what do you think of that whole serious thing going on in my face?? Hindi bagay noh?? Hahaha!!

I brought my gloves and black pumps with me also - the only heeled one in my luggage! Would you believe it?? Haha! The 2 other shoes are flats! =P

Actually I walked around one night in the hotel in that dress (with a coat on don't be silly). Nothing, I'm just feeling the whole staying there thing you know. It didn't hurt sashaying around in those heels because of its wall-to-wall carpeting I felt like I was doing more of a fashion show. Hahaha!!

I was actually quite afraid going around in that dress because the other evening while waiting for other colleagues by the elevator, we saw a lady security guard chasing a group of girls dressed in black staying lousily by the hallway of the Venetian. When my boss explained to me what's their purpose for hanging around, I was taken aback to know that there's such a thing in there. He showed me the piece of paper handed to him by one of the girls and I found a number written in it. *Gasp*

7. Purple Puff Jacket. =) This is again new but would you please excuse me on this one because I got it on sale in Mango. Pretty please?? ;-) Funny while I was doing this post, a fashion blog to which I'm subscribed to emailed me on their recent post about how celebrities wear puff jackets. Basing on their recommendations, I think I styled it up all wrong. Haha! In all fairness to me, it's my first time to wear such a thing.

It's ├╝ber-warm and I so much love its color. Definitely gonna be worn in other winter trips. ;) Pic above was me all WET taken after the Raging River ride in Ocean Park. Haha!! I'll tell stories about that on a separate post. :)

And last but not the least, if you inspect closely the 3rd picture above...................

8. A Purple Prada Handbag?????????????

Oookkkkkkaaaaaayyyyyyy. Before you actually have the idea that I spluged on such a luxurious bag for this trip, please be informed that it's not mine. Let it be known that I cannot afford such a thing. LOL! It's Cathy's insisting I bring it in order to match my purple flats, lol! Plus, it's me and Anj's favorite among her designer bag collections. Aaaah, to behold such a thing - even just for a day!! Hahaha!!! But really, it's super lovely!!! :)

Wait for my next updates. =)

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