Sunday, January 24, 2010

Macau Day Tour

Doing it properly this time but blah. This tour basically covered already the places Lisa & I went into last March except for this temple.

LOL, LOL and more LOL! There I was flashing a professional camera but posting photos with me taken from a digicam. Haha! Well, fyi the night before I won for myself a Casio Exilim 10.1 MP digicam from the company lucky draw. Wow, so much better from the coffee maker I got last year. :D That's why, I just simply have to test it. Translation: I'm ashamed to post the photos I took so of course, I would only post pictures of me within the place. Haha!

If anything, my only takeaway here is the chunky bits of information given by the tour guide about Macau, its people, the Venetian and just about everything in there. Such a funny man he is! Another thing is, sharing the experience with my colleagues. So this is about bonding time with them. =)

With Ei Kay from Myanmar :)
James from Thailand. :) Isaac, Joanne and Shashank from Singapore :)

Richard from Taiwan :) It drizzled a bit during this time I had to wear my hat. :P (Excuses, lol!)

And many more. All 46 of us from the company actually had a group photo by the ruins but they're not that good considering a million of people are in the background. Hahaha!!

After this we had a late lunch by the fisherman's wharf. There's not so much time to tour the place around, this is the only decent photo I have from the new digicam. LOL!

So, what can you say about the quality?? Haha! I wasn't banking much about the brand knowing that it's not really well-known for digicams but I'm surprised as to how sharp the images are when I transferred the photos to my laptop.

After this, I ditched go-karting with the bosses just so I can go with the other group going to Zhuhai, China! It's quite a famous place for shopping. We were informed that visa processing can be done at the immigration for some of us that require it. I went with my Thai colleagues along with the SG-based officemates. Only four of us needs to apply for it since it's not needed for SG residents.

After going through all walking and asking with the help of Chinese speaking SG colleagues ala Amazing Race, finally we reached Zhuhai immigration and that's when I was informed that I. CANNOT. GET. A. VISA. The Thai can! For Filipino residents, there are certain papers that needed to be acquried all the way from HK! FROM. HK!! Bloody hell!

Of course, I didn't want to get in the way of my Thai colleagues in their shopping but the 3 guys all offered to suspend Zhuhai and just go back with me to the hotel. I'm soooooooo touched. Awwww, such gentlemen. Here they are, James, Nam and Somkiat who requested for some pics by the border of Zhuhai.

We went shopping and had dinner along the border. Well, I'm still burning from this incident. I feel like blacklisting Zhuhai from my travels for sometime. Hmpf! One of the bosses said this is talking about discrimination and maybe I just forgot to insert a 100 bill when I submitted my passport, lol!

Anyways quick recent update, I'm about to leave HK now. I just emerged out of Mongkok this afternoon as a poorer person, lol! This weekend has been such a whirlwind! I don't know how to do my postings coz there's a loooooooooooooooot of stories to tell this is only about Thursday, haha!! But then again, there's a lot of catching up on work to do and I'm back to the real world tomorrow. * sigh * I hope I can maintain my tri-weekly this week. =)

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