Friday, January 22, 2010

Key Items - Part 1

1. Hat. :) Weather-appropriate.;)

2. Err...uhmm...specs! With my braces actually came my desire one day to have a pic ala Ugly Betty, lol! Actually, for the 2 day-meeting I wanted to look! Haha!! This year's kick-off meeting surprisingly had a different format. We were given assignments on the first day and everybody was given a chance to present for the next day. But I didn't wear it while I was presenting, haha!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Ade actually got the idea and baptized me with a new nickname the precise name of my doggie haha, but I think I was more of Daria the cartoon in there. Haha!!

So, I was actually anticipating meeting this new hire of the company coz of the feedback the girls are giving from the SG office. I just had to see if what they qualify "handsome" actually goes on or off my scale. To my utter disappointment, he was still not around when the meeting started because he missed his flight. About two hours after, in the midst of one presentation somebody came dashing in towards a vacant seat and that's when I knew that I was wrong. The girls are not exaggerating. Haha!!

So there I was seated opposite him, contemplating if he likes girls that wear fancy specs. I hoped, prayed and willed he does. HAHAHA!! And further to that, I wasn't listening anymore. My mind was already whirling to visiting his country this year. Perhaps he could tour me around???? HAHAHA!!!

3. Chestnut hair! As you can see from above, my hair has color in them!! I don't usually put colors but the gay in the salon convinced me to it saying I could add up only a few hundred bucks and that they will not be visible under normal lighting conditions!! You know what, I'm gonna pull that baklita's purple hair!!! Hahaha!! Nothing, I just always like my hair in black. :P

4. Cheetah bag!

Hahaha very nice way of diverting KC! I could swear, a cerebral tape recorder was playing saying "What am I turning my room into a jungle???" (mentioned during contemplating buying a leopard dress in Kota) and another thing is, "turning a new leaf this year" (for 2010 resolution). Tsk, tsk, tsk!!

So okay, it might be a leopard again or a cheetah I don't know. Coz I once saw a similar print of shoes in a fashion blog with it's title being Cheetah. I got confused, googled the difference and pretty much got nothing. Haha!! Okay back to the real score, I may have to take back what I said about the jungle thingy coz I changed my mind, I'm "sort-of" collecting this print. And about the new leaf, I'm gonna justify this new splurge on my next post. Just please tell me she's a beaut, it's quite an eye-turner whenever I flung it in my arms here in Venetian. =)

Speaking of which, I've been successful from distracting my friends whom I know read this blog on one of the most anticipated topics of this trip which is mah room. Excited much?? Say please first. Hahaha!!

But just an update, fresh as of this afternoon. Mr. Crush as of this day's tour has been confirmed to already have a girlfriend.

OF. 7. YEARS. Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

So I'm sorry I'm turning "emo" again, hahaha!! So here's the second setting,

this time in my Venetian room!!! TEASER HUH?!?! HAHAHA!!!

Gosh, I'm so gonna miss this room! I don't feel like leaving it yet. * sigh*

But on to happier note, we're off to Hongkong in a while! =)


Lissy said...

LOL! Gurl, ditch the eyeglasses... you're way hotter with stunnas! ;)

Anyways, I miss Hongkong... enjoy the trip! :)

kCNeSs said...

haha! thanks Gurl! enjoy ur one week extension also! =)

Let's get out of the country one more time this!