Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Weird, weird, weird. I was never like this before in my travels. I told you that I’m always like an excited child even if I’ve already been to the place I’m going to – like here in Macau. I was afraid to say the words out loud, but I wasn’t looking forward to it. Initially.

Even if I know I have a lot of things to cram after the meetings this week, I knew it wasn’t about it. A friend guessed that maybe it was about the wardrobe set, but it’s not it either. I love the purple quilted jacket I got on sale at Mango last week (new leaf huh? Haha!) and I’d be happy to wear it in this very cold weather. It’s gonna be a bliss also to reuse the trench coats I once wore in Korea. Well there’ll be a couple of things I’m gonna miss this week like a whole week’s worth of my brother’s show and opening of a much anticipated TV series but these are just very minor things.

I knew what was it about and I wasn’t ready to admit it yet. Yesterday at the airport, I was psyching myself up with discussing to Anj my planned outfits! Yes, girls like sharing exhaustive details with one another and trust me, Ate’s the only person whom I can share with every article of clothing I have, who'll be able to picture it in her head and appreciate the ensemble. Haha!! That’s just how we are. And sensing that hollowness in my voice, she just stated the root cause in a matter of fact way and that’s where my heart just broke down.

The slight drizzle before I entered didn’t help lift my moods up neither did the song Arthur’s theme by Christopher Cross (♫♪When you get caught between the moon and New York city ♫♪) playing inside the plane. Don’t worry guys, nothing bad actually happened. What I just learned from here is that, I don’t want to feel this way again. Coz this is definitely NOT BEING ME. For whatever that thing is, I just know that it has such a negative effect and this has to end. I want to get back my equilibrium. ASAP!

The über-cold weather here added more to the gloominess and last night I was working ‘til 1 AM in my room with only two songs playing repetitively in my laptop – Arthur’s Theme and Fly Away by Jojo. With the urgent customer requirements SMS I got this morning, I was most certain the day will only get worse UNTIL…………. a couple of events today helped me get back to my old psyched self! =) For one, there’s the arrival of my SG and Asia colleagues, two – a brand new crush (HAHAHA!!!) three – comments on my weight loss and four - my Venetian room!!! Hahahaha!!! Yes, the old KC is returning! Hihi.

But before I post any happy pictures, let me just showcase my favorite "emo" shots yesterday. haha!! I have a favorite posing area and never mind that I forgot my tripod!!! Dang! I've ways and means. Hahaha!!!

Happy! 'Til my next update. Tata! =)

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