Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just for Laughs Friday

I'd like to think this was a despedida party before my flight which will be in a while (yeah, coz I'm sure they will miss me, ahem! Haha!) but it turns out, it was my faux bday party??? LOL!

Sssuuuurrrrrrppppprrrrrrriiiiiisssssseeeeeee!!!!!! =))

It's one of those trips again in Chili's...Aaargh, these guys talaga! Haha!! Jeez we've been doing this twice in a row already I wonder if they're gonna notice, haha!! I'm not used to this but I think I looked and acted the part knowing that I came in (1) fashionably late; (2) dressed for the part and (3) my FAMAS-worthy surprised reaction above! LOL!

It's the usual fajitas, mashed po, nachos combo! This time with the molten chocolate cake! Kudos to Oli for wielding superhuman powers in abstaining from the said dessert! Haha! Even Brian wasn't able to resist it. Howell if you've bulging biceps like that as seen below I think it's just okay once in a while. Take it easy, I'm just appreciating his efforts. Hahaha!! :P

I forgot to wear yellow! It's for Oli's cam tricks! Tsk. But then he just impressed us with a new one, haha!! The Grudge cam effect!

Galing ni Cathy for acting the part! Haha!

Reviewing this pic in Oli's amazing cam last Friday, I can't help but laugh hard at it. But now, staring at it long enough is kind of giving me the creeps. Did you see that film?? I did. Yaaaayyyy!!!!

And the fun continued at Coffee Bean. :) We're supposed to watch Alvin the Squeak-quel but we ditched the original plan. :P

This time we did some trippin' on the Cosmo Mag available in the shop! Please be informed that I. DO. NOT. FANCY. HIM! LOL! This is just for laughs!

And lastly, this is my pambawi pic for the "wow legs" photo last time. Haha!!
Yey! How about some arm-lovin' right there?? ;) Thanks for the shot Oli! =)

Will be leavin' in a while, wish me a safe flight. =) Bon voyage also to my friend Liz who's going to Melbourne tonight. Exciting!! Too bad, we won't be able to meet at the airport coz mine's in the afternoon. :(

Cathy's following me in HK on the weekend so this is going to be fun! And my Indonesian colleagues are coming with me too after our planning in Macau. So as usual you'll expect lotsa happenings and it shall be documented here in my blog need I say more?? :) Happy Monday! =)


Nivek said...

Kc - hope you have a great trip. My life is boring so I will live sub-conciously through yours.

Anonymous said...

thanks Kev! im having a good time here.. =)