Friday, January 15, 2010

My Memorable 1st GXs

In order to fulfill my weight goal this year, I experimented on some of the Group X (Group Exercises) classes that I haven’t been able to try in my one and a half years in Fitness First. Haha! It’s not really that I’m getting bored doing Body Jam and Retro and my usual routine of weightlifting, it’s just that the club offers a lot of varieties that I really wanna try but have never really plucked up enough courage to participate into. So last December, I decided to seek help of some of my friends to assist me in doing the ffg for the very first time.

Cosmic Cycling. (A vigorous and thrilling indoor cycling class with upbeat, high energy music.)

Okay. I’ve heard lots of stories about this before that it’s very common for first-timers to leave the class before it’s even finished. I was supposed to try it for the very first time with Tytana and Cathy but for some reason, both of them were not able to make it in the gym. I was on the verge of giving up but I tried it anyways thinking that if I can’t take it anymore, I can just jolly well leave. Melody (T’s sissy and a cycling addict) was there and I asked her help to orient me prior to the class. I didn’t know that you will have to register your bike first at the receptionist and that’s when I learned that I cannot back out simply because the only bikes available are the ones infront. WOW! So much for my first time!! I can’t really walkout mid-class leaving the impression to everybody how I’m such a coward! I mean, looking around I see some of those we call Tita’s in the gym who looks every inch the regular cyclists! I was like come on, if in their age they can finish the class, how much more would I fare? Right??

Rrriiiiiiiggggggghhhhtttttt!!! Well for the first 15 mins I was keeping up, but after that it was very hard to pedal anymore with your butt not resting on the seat. The class isn’t just about pedaling everyone; there are also certain moves to follow! Yay!! But of course I stayed and finished the class thinking I might faint right after it. Swear!! Haha!! And I thought just because I could finish Body Jam for two straight hours means that I could have the stamina for this!! Embarrassing! But I will come back someday; I’ll just have to train myself more. Pinky promise! Haha! Well, if there’s one positive thing that happened during this day, it was when I saw Jake C outside the class. Hihihi. I kind of missed him. Haha!! And there went my best mobile FB status update (for Wil) of ’09. LOL!

"I survived cosmic cycling! But I'm not proud of myself. I've just pr0ven that I d0nt have the stamina for one hour of pedaling!! I was about to faint after the class when i sp0tted Jake C. outside! Whew! I'm alive again! Hahaha!"

Body Pump. (A revolutionary weight training workout that strengthens, tones and defines every muscle in your body. All the benefits of working with weights in one action packed, highly physical class. The world’s fastest way to get in shape.)

Ever since I became religious on my weightlifting, I always wanted to join this class. Seeing those participating in here lift the barbells with accompanying music, I believe this could be a very good substitute for times when I don’t feel like doing my program. But then, nobody would like to try it with me. =( I’m ashamed doing things alone or without anyone I know in the class. Cathy doesn’t like this class because of its muscle-developing abilities.

So in Manila branch on a Saturday, I asked Don (a regular jammer) to assist me again. He was very willing on his part and I am so grateful. Well, of course in order not to loose face again, I made sure to put on the minimum weight of discs at the end of the bar. Every now and then, Don would correct me on my posture coz if not it would lead to very serious pains. I enjoyed the workout, really!! And another thing about first-timers and admitting it infront of the class is the extra attention of the instructor on you. Well, the instructor would ask me how I’m feeling every once in a while but really - he didn’t have to. I’m used to weights. Then I did Body Jam straight after and I didn’t like how I performed. I wasn’t giving my 100%! Stamina issue again. * sigh *

The next day saw me limping! LOL! What surprised me is that the barbell lifting on Body Pump wasn't the cause of it, but rather the squatting and leg bends! Yay! I had a hard time walking and going up and down the stairs due to the pain in my quadriceps. It was torture but I was okay with it. My only wish was that the pain would be gone by Tuesday since I have a date! Okay heard me right back there. I. HAD. A. DATE!! LOL! I think it was the only date I had last year, which apparently fell at the last week of DECEMBER!! Yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! Hahahaha!!!

Days after body pump I was mostly in flats due to the pain in my legs. Actually come Tuesday, it was feeling a wee better and since my date is clocking in at 6’3”, wearing heels was not an option. It’s a MUST! Okay I know I’m already tall for an average Filipina but it’s my first time to see him again after what – like almost a year??? (hint, hint again :P) and of course I wanted to look FAB!!

So there I was teetering in my heels along Annapolis St. towards where my date’s car was parked and about ten steps away, SHOOT!! I. FELL!! OH. MY. GOD!! How bad was it?? Bad enough for those dining in a restaurant nearby to actually stand and see how I was doing. XD XD XD!!! Why did this thing have to happen to me???? My gosh!! I was burning with shame, in flames from it!! Have you ever experienced an embarrassing situation like that, something like everytime I remember it when I was about to drift off, I would have to sit up and cover my face with my hands, shake my head in order to bury the memory! * sigh * Bloopers on dates, very typical of KC!! Tsk!! Poise always eluded me just when I needed it the most!! I hate myself! Haha! The only saving grace I have is that my date was facing the other side; he didn’t see me fall (oh God forbid) although I admitted it to him once I dove inside the car! Tsk!! XD And this is why Body Pump will always be memorable to me! LOL!!

Body Attack. (A rapid calorie burner that delivers fast improvement in general endurance and an increase in overall body strength.)

This one I don’t really have plans of trying. But after the first meeting with T (where we had lunch with Cathy & Oli remember?), Cathy and I went for some girl bonding moments. We both went for a foot spa and shopped around Greenhills. It was the 31st! At lunch we were like, okay we’re gonna pig-out coz next year we’re back to working-out thing, and so we did eat a lot at Cibo. Then lounging at the gym afterwards to rest, we saw the classes available and it was being offered around 5:15 PM. And I was like, okay I ate a lot I have to workout, LOL! I was seated next to the gay instructor and he somehow sales-talked me when I asked what kinds of music were being played. At the very mention of Rihanna, I went up to my feet and got dressed. :P

Thankfully, no booboos this time around. Only that it was the first time again that I did a GX with the sun still up outside the window. I enjoyed the class too coz I was determined to impress the instructor so that he will not check on me every now and then coz you know this is just aerobics and stuff, I can handle this! =) My calves hurt a bit the day after. LOL!


Yes! I’ve been doing this at home for about a year already and I told myself that I must try it in a real class. It’s still different when there’s an instructor to correct your posture for all I know I might be doing some poses wrongly. Sadly, there are only a few branches offering this in FF, maybe because this kind of exercise can already be done at home like what I am doing. But then again, while doing the poses and after hearing the plight of the instructor about lack of them available, it was then that I think I had my calling. I suddenly wanted to become a Pilates instructor!! WAHAHA!! AS IF!! So lately while I was doing the exercises at home, I’m trying to repeat after what the instructor in the screen is saying, LOL! And can I just say that giving instructions while doing the poses is not easy??? Haha!!!

Anyways, after doing this in Mega, we were again off to another eat-out! Cathy joined me in that branch and so is another friend of ours Philip. And this, was the day after Gloria Maris!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD Just when I said no more eating! Ayayay!!! Hahhaa!!! It was our first time to try Amici. ;) And we tried their Gelatos @ Caramia after. Sweet! =)

So there went my memorable GXs. Haha! I still have a lot of things to try @ FF. But there’s really another goal that I want in doing the GXs here. I want to invite my highschool and college friends who are really very good in dancing to try Body Jam or Retro with me namely VJ for highschool and Shiela during college years! Hahaha!! I don’t know also why. Maybe because I remember them during Retro songs like Shalalalala (clap, clap, clap) where VJ once demo’d the dance steps to me during our sophie year. OMG VJ, I remember it clearly pa, you went to our house to change clothes then we went straight to the Red Robins’ victory party!! Hahaha!! As for Shiela, it would have to be the All For You by Janet Jackson to which we performed during the IECEP induction at the Manila Hotel. Yaaaayy!! It would be FUN if we'd dance again! =)

Mini note: My Stars Are Blind rendition is playing on the uppermost icon of this site. LOL! Happy Friday! =)


Nivek said...

Wow KC, I can barely get in 30 minutes a day on Wii Fit.

Jeeze, your dates go as bad as mine!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I wanna try that Wii Fit too! :P