Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I’m in love with this song! (Or is it really the song???? :P)

I mean I’ve heard this song during the time it was launched (college years I think) but I didn’t focus much on the lyrics until I heard it again recently (and in an impeccable timing if I may add ;-). And it pretty much captures everything that I’m thinking of (or feeling) right now. It’s PERFECT! It’s SUPER!! :) I won’t post the lyrics anymore, it’s in the above clip and you just have to watch it if you wanna understand the gist of this. =)

I was actually doubting of posting this thinking that someday I might have it removed or something. But on second thoughts, I don’t think you should be sorry that you let the whole world know how you feel. For whatever happens, you can only be thankful that it came to you and you became happy. =)

Alright, I know your faces are all etched with confusion now saying “Whatever this girl’s been smoking or drinking??” HAHAHA!!

I’m not declaring anything right now. Nothing’s final yet. Here’s just to wishing nobody would ruin it AGAIN now. (Hint, hint.) No rain on my parade, pur-lease!!! (-,-)


Lissy said...

LOL... sabi nga ni Kris Aquino, "Luv luv luv!!!!" Hahaha! :)

kCNeSs said...

Hahaha!! Bakla ka!! Ur in davao na????