Sunday, February 21, 2010

food explo

resorts world manila infront of NAIA3. bring id if you want to get discount for their buffet. the place reminded me so much of Venetian and cameras are not allowed. i personally don't recommend their buffet.
cookbook kitchen in Mandaluyong - recommended! i can only describe their food in one word in Kapampangan - "Manyaman". :) visit their website here.

bubba gump shrimp co. my first try. with someone from the past. :P uhmm, i just don't go out with cathy alone you! but sorry I can't put his pic. lol!
CPK last friday. happy to be reconnected with a friend we used to hang out with before after his hiatus. :P after which we watched Percy Jackson. enjoyed the film. :)
shinjuku. for certified japanese cuisine fan, you can visit the area they call Little Tokyo in Makati Cinema Square. :) look at the Sumo bowl infront of us. lol!

desserts at Banapple in Katipunan! Yummy yummy cakes! Must set time to try the other flavors. :P
maybe i should not wonder about my extra pounds gained these days. *sigh*

up next, superbods run! im just waiting for my exact record. :P should be better than before, i really hope so.


Anonymous said...

lol who's the dude with the blue happy face?
I didn't even noticed it until I read the full blog haha

ex mo ba yun, or guy you were talking about with the LV car?


Anonymous said...


secret! lol!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Message me yun story via facebook lol!