Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HK Trend Report: Feline

You know what, just name it and they have it! What am I talking about?? Leopard print!!! From boots to jeans to bags or just even a collar accent on a coat, you can find it in HK!!!!!!!! Here are some of the stolen shots I got in Ocean Park! Don't you think the jeans is a bit over-over?? And to think she paired it with the same print of a bag?? That lady was sort of challenging my leopard print collection! Hahaha!!

I told you, that's how rampant that trend was (or maybe it still is) in HK during my short visit! And when you get to Mongkok, during my last day of shopping, you can find even more stuffs in that print. Some of the things I found were bedsheets (which I was almost tempted to buy, hahaha!!!), leggings, cellphone holders, scarves and many more. It's insane!! For someone like me, the effect should be something like overjoyed due to the many items that can be added to my collection but instead it's kind of inflicting a feeling of being too sick of 'em I almost wanna throw up. But that was just for some fleeting moments you know...hahaha!! Coz even so, I wasn't able to resist amassing some items to join these:

Okay, I get the reaction. Something like?? HUWAAAAAAATTTTT?? An umbrella??? What the hell was I thinking??? I know, I know. But it's just too funky! I remember when my friend Anj pointed Nicky Hilton in a certain fashion site we regularly check when I was on the biz trip, I had to remind her that I got it first! Haha! The above pic was taken before my trip and as a matter of fact, I brought that umbrella with me! :P Well it kind of drizzled a bit during the day tour in Macau but too bad I left it in the hotel. It would be too cute to have a pic something like Nicky's below:
Oh well, next time. ;-) So what's new?? HERE:

Call me an addict!!!!! I will own it up!! Yaaaaaayyy!! The scarf was acquired in Macau, the leopard wedge is on sale in H&M and the bag, oh dear I really had no intentions of buying it. It's just that when I was in Mongkok on the last day (ALONE), you see I had this "challenge" I set up for myself.

I just wanna test my "haggling" powers in Mongkok and it so happened that the object of question was that BAGGY BAG! I was wearing my CMG bag and DP flats during that time so there's nothing so subtle to the saleslady about how I much I love the said print. She even complimented how nice my handbag is. So anyway, I dropped a price using my pidgin Chinese (it was already low for them and after that I decided that I will already leave since it's quite ridiculous to give in that amount). When she said no, I walked away but not a moment later when she came calling after me saying that she's giving me the bag in my declared price. Sh*te! It was a point of no return. I knew in my wallet that I don't have enough HKD left so I was relieved with an excuse that I still had to change my USDs and not return anymore. And just when you think it was already so clever of me, they came sending in one of their staffs to accompany me to the money changer and guarantee their sale! OH DEAR!! Bloody Mongkok dealers!! Hahaha!!!

Anyway, I know when I made the purchase that the bag will be useful for me during the gym and also on my flight home because aside from those, I bought a loooooooot of other stuffs if you could see my plastic bags below. This was taken in Guess while I was inspecting the bag I'm going to buy. Btw, how cute is it that they have leopard couch in Guess?? Hahaha!!! Funny also, one old lady picked up my handbag thinking its one of their items for sale. Hahaha!!!

And the price of the bag was worth it specially when some random people in the gym will just accost you and say, "I like your bag where did you buy it?" to which I will modestly reply, "Uhmm, I got it in Hongkong." Hahaha!!! What a feeling! :))

Maybe after this you will have that same effect as to my friend Cathy's wherein she can only think of me and associate me to anything leopard! Hahaha!!

Final advisory: NO animals were harmed in doing this post. LOL!

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