Sunday, February 28, 2010

Superbods Run

Assumptions, assumptions.. Yeah, yeah, yeah!! * roll eyes* Cathy was saying my record was most probably between 20 to 30 mins (an improvement from the last), but what the heck?? I. WANT. MY. EXACT. RECORD!!!! Runrio give it to me. PUR-LEASE!!!!!!! >_<

I don't know if I am being played around BIG TIME but it's NOT FUNNY, you know. It's my first time to participate properly in a marathon, through Brian's help we were able to get registered on time (and got the last 2 singlets available as if to say it was meant for us!!) and we got our chips tied onto our shoes for tracking but days after the run when the records were already available online, we can't bloody find our names in it!!!!! And more !!!!!!.

So, okay we arrived late. I acknowledge that. And at first I was analyzing if I had to step into a line or something just so the chip will have to be activated but it works differently as per my researching, something like an antenna within will be activated once it enters a magnetic field, so what the hell went wrong????????? X-(!!!

Then last week, I got info from someone how disorganized the whole event was. Like gunshot starting earlier against the advertised schedule for the 3Ks and 5Ks runner, how confusing the routes were and yup, more complaints on non-working chips. *sigh* I can't believe how most of the comments in Coach Rio's apology were still gloating on the event's success despite the glitches encountered. Wala lang, it's just frustrating you know. Specially knowing that I took the run seriously noh! If you'll see the photos below, I don't have any "during the run" race, coz I already took off and sort of left Cathy behind. In all fairness to her, she wasn't feeling very well that week. And at the finish, I had a hard time locating her because............

Yup, I had an armband with me. But inside it is not my Ipod, nope. Not a phone either. But......a CAMERA!! Yay! Hahaha!!! Whoever brings an armband just so a camera can be i it? LOL!!! Good thing I remembered that our meeting location is Starbucks. After lingering for about 15 mins by the booth area, contemplating whether I should line up to get the loot bag, I decided to just go straight to our meeting place where I found JT waiting. Haha! He's one of the bandits we invited. =P

And it took time before Cathy and the rest arrived, so we played with the camera. Funny, I didn't realize how "sweet" this pic was, until some contact in FB reacted. JT is a friend you know.

And later, besplen Cathy with sister Karen (another bandit) found us.

Tytana was asking why I wasn't able to look at my time in the digital display above the starting line and I simply have to explain what happened. Since we were late (I know it's still before the 5:50 AM starting time even if all the 5K runners had started) but the 3K runners were already being assembled so we had to squeeze our way among the throng in order to make it into the starting line. When I was about to cross it, I saw Marc Nelson (of Amazing Race) hosting and THAT'S IT. I forgotten about the time and all. HAHAHA!!!

But honestly, this marathon is the winner when it comes to my celebrity sightings and all. Hahaha!!! But even with a cam in my armband, I wasn't in a papparazzi mode and all. Told ya, I took it seriously. It was just really unfortunate that we arrived late. And I can't really blame Cathy coz I kept her up til 2 AM laughing and laughing with all my stories. Hahaha!! Thanks for the sleepover in your townhouse girl. :)

UPDATE: Prior to clicking the publish button of this post, I made a quick check again and SURPRISINGLY, they have my result!! Cathy's record still can't be found though. 33:22. BLECH! First place for female is 27:11. Yay! I wonder if I have a chance if we made it earlier. :P
Ohwell, lessons were learned. It will be applied on next month's run. I'm planning of making this a once in a month thingy. :)


Tisha said...

27:11? Damn, that's pretty...doable. I shoulda run that day! Meanwhile, my friend ran 10K in 48m. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i think so too! Dibale, next time. :) Wow, 48mins! Most of my friends did it past 1 hr.. :)