Thursday, March 04, 2010

GH Girls in GB

Probably the only reason you'll see me hanging around in Makati on a Friday night is when I'm seeing them:

Yihee!! Liz is back from a work assignment in Melbourne still looking fab with that tan Wil has been requesting us to have. LOL! Pic above was taken at La Maison in GB5.

But wait, someone's joining. Haha! Mad props to this girl, I'm not sure if she's my fiancee or what but she's making efforts to meet significant persons in my life. Haha! Cathy was there too and it's a first for us to be seen together at Greenbelt area. Yey, girlfriend bonding. =)

Black tube from WH is still part of black series I purchased last December. So, it's already what, Black#5?? I lost count already. Haha! Gosh, I need to inject more colors in my wardrobe. =P

Funny when I tell my other friends (like college friends) about Cathy, then I'll ask something like you know her right? Then they would reply, "Oo, siya lang naman ang laman ng facebook mo!" Haha! :)) It's the same thing when she'll say, "sikat na siya sa blog ko." :))

In fairness to Cathy, the only person she hasn't met yet is my future bf? Or maybe she has met him already? Or maybe has introduced him to me already (like, that day for example??)Wahaha!!!

Not telling..... :P

Btw, this is Mr. Cute guy's favorite. Red Mango frozen yogurt. =) Yummy mochi!

'Til then. =)

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