Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cop Out Premiere Night

Taking a few mins to blog a certain first for me - a premiere night showing! =)

It may not be a much anticipated movie for me, heck I didn't even have the time to search for the trailer online. But so what?? The movie tickets were given by someone special. :)

Well, it would be really memorable if he could come. But I've got to understand Mr. President's super hectic sked. In any case, the girls are always there to join me last Tuesday night. ;)

Cathy & I were both surprised to know there's not that much hoopla in Glorietta for a premiere night like this. Uhmmm, we were just expecting celebrity sightings. Hahaha!!

And as for me, the movie is HIGH-LARIOUS!!! Tracy Morgan's facial expressions are the best! I can imagine Donkey of Shrek in him. Hahaha!! This is for me the movie's funniest part:

Sean William Scott's mimickings in the film bring out the LOLs! :))

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