Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How Could They???

Kabog. It's the best word I can think of in gay lingo. Beat me to it doesn't sound equivalent enough for my liking. But I swear, these ladies just beat me into it! Kinabog akei ng mga chorvang itei! Hahaha!!!

Again, it's about what?? Their leopard collection! Haha!! Sorry, I really hope it's the last time I'm going to obsess about it! But I cannot promise. Not until these fashion sites I avid stop publishing photos such as these below.

And for some intro music into the gallery, let's change Lady Gaga's Bad Romance lyrics to: RAWR-RAWR-RA-AH-AH, ROMA-ROMA-MA!!! HAHAHA!!!

Gallery # 1: Last time in HK, I saw someone pair a leopard jeans and a leopard bag, and all I can feel was "challenged". But honestly I wasn't impressed with her combination. However, hands down to this one below. I don't think I can pull it off nicely. I can only go for a leopard shoe and bag. But a stockings and stilettos?? Clap, clap, clap! Lovesit!

Gallery # 2: A leopard wall carpet! Doesn't sound forceful enough?? A. BLOODY. LEOPARD. WALL. CARPET!! How addict is she??? HAHAHA!!! And as usual, I WANT ONE. Hahaha!!! :))

Gallery # 3: A statue. Interesting. Maybe I will hunt for some leopard display. Instead of just items to use. Good idea! LOL!

Gallery # 4: A BFF who would share the same passion for anything feline. LOL!

Gallery # 5: Seen this long ago..But I still crave for this booties from Topshop. I don't think they came out of this style here in PH.

And yeah yeah, wearing 'em would already make me look like a Navi. LOL! I just want it for my shoe or leopard collection. =P I don't think they still have it now. It's been months already when it was released. Moreover, it's too expensive! :P

*Photo credits: The sartorialist, Jak n Jil, Lulu and your mom*

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