Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Raining MEN!!

'Scuse the whole nothingness of this post. Someone's just happy about how things went today..

Well this day started, uhmm I wouldn't say bad, like waking up late for a lunch meeting, power outage in the morning (just when you're hurrying up, isn't it ironic?) and just when you're ready to leave the house...


Ancient readers of this blog know how much I wax poetic about the rain but sometimes the timing can't be good right?? Imagine the hassle and traffic it would cause me in order to make it on time.

Then again, you have to look at things on the positive side, like how many farmers have been wishing for this and how this could be a refreshing change for the urban residents that have been complaning on the 34˚C heat for the last days! =P And besides, rain has always been a good sign of things for me. :)

Things were not looking good in the afternoon while working on a problem that might just "blow up" for the company, but solutions have been provided right before the day ended. Whew!

Post meeting with the customer didn't look promising either with another friday night to compete with traffic jam & cab availability. Need to assist my colleague get back to his hotel. But then, "heaven sent" friends saved the day! What a coincidence that a couple friend were passing by along the area?? Well, thanks to my super 5-inch heels, it didn't give them a hard time to notice who's that girl catwalking on the road. LOL! It's unmistakable! Haha!

With the extension of my colleague just in order to focus on the issue, I was left in charge of him on his first Friday night in PH. I was ready to ditch gym and night out with usual friends because honestly I have this "just slight" fondness for him. He's tall, smart and very responsible. :) I like working with him. I was able to lend some shopping time with him but not that much coz of a short meeting scheduled with...

Mr. President. =)

I couldn't believe there have been some efforts lately! Haha! Inspite of his busy sked, he is able to make his presence felt (specially in times when I need it the most) and some well, sporadic meetings which I wasn't quite prepared for. Not really good but it can be worked out in the future I guess. =) For those quick meet-ups, I made a vow to myself not to bother spritzing my favorite perfume coz it couldn't really compete with his lovely scent! LOLs! Don't you just love men that smells sooooooooo gooood??? Hahaha!!!

Well, the night was still young after we met, and I followed my friends along GH to see Mr. Cute Guy again! Hahaha!!! The attendants at the spa were all giggling about him. That's how cute he is! ;-) And withmy hyper mood, I was able to see him smile a lot! Oh gosh, you'll just love it when he smiles and his eyes are not that visible anymore. Haha!

I love how this day turned out even with the problems threatening along the way.

I love how I was able to meet my friends and special people today despite how toxic it was for my work.

I love it when it rains!

I love this day! :)

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