Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Silver Performance! :)

It's Doc Greg's SILVER anniversary!! And there's a PAR-TAY!! :D

Doc Greg is one of the physicians Cathy & I become close to in FF GH. We regularly attend Retro and Body Jam classes. :) Since there's a program, there will have to be performers. And Doc asked us a favor to do a dance number at the party together with some of his retro friends from other gym branches. Yaaaaaayyy!!!! The event was held last Saturday at Savannah Moon in QC.

Here's what not to wear at the said location:

LACE & MINI SKIRT!! Brrrrrrrrr....... It's one heck of a freezing room in that area. Did they really intend that place to be so cold so that everybody will get on the floor and shake their thang??? LOL!! Or to be more accurate since it's a ballroom hall, pick a dance instructor and do your swing, salsa & tango!! :P

Speaking of which, I've never known such man who is so passionate about dancing!! Doc Greg!

During the slideshow presentation of their 25 years together, I can't help but be touched with their love and tenderness for each other. :-X Doc's profession involves traveling a lot and he always takes his wife with her. Looking at the travel photos, I can't help but remember the movie Up. Awwww...

When asked to deliver a speech, Doc Greg mentioned that when people ask him what's the secret to their marriage, he always say there's only one secret - "GRACE." Awwwwwwwwwww.....Then he went on to describe his wife, Mrs. Grace and how he can't be thankful enough for still allowing him to pursue his passion. Imagine, aside from his regular attendance every Monday to do Retro, he also has a private dance instructor for his ballroom dancing!!!!!!! And after reviewing the other doctor's performance during the party, I can't help but wonder - Are all doctors really good dancers??? Nyahaha!!!

So are you guys ready to view our presentation?? WAHAHA!!! I can almost imagine all of you shaking your head in disapproval. Haha!! I just came from a retro class today and Doc Greg said he had feedback from party attendees that Cathy & I were mostly noticed for the dancing. Yihee, I'm flattered. I also noticed that our dance number was the most applauded performance. Hahaha!! But I'll keep it suspense for now. =P Coz the material is not yet ready. :P Let me first share this pic of the team, the other 2 girls who performed with us were missing here.

That's Winnie (from FF ABS-CBN), Jojo (our Retro instructor), Doc Greg, and of course the rightmost two need not be named. LOL!

Wait for the next "Youtube sensation" performance. BWAHAHA!!!

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