Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heart Attack

Heart Attack. A kind of girl who gives other women heart palpitations and makes them want to run for cover under a bed of beauty mags.

She once charmed me when I first saw her in that Jollibee cheesy fries nacho TVC. ;-) Then once again, enthralled when I saw her in person at a Samsung party in White Av about 2 years ago. And now, the time has come to meet her.

Her name is Justin. :) She's a doll. :)

Gosh, didn't I just look like a fan asking for a pic? LOL! A P.A? An "unknown" friend?? Haha! Hopefully, "sis-in-law" someday. :P

Pic above was taken at the premiere night of Romeo & Juliet @ SM Megamall. Lem's 1st film. :) Aside from celebrity sightings, some of Lem's co-models from the agency showed up for support. Meeting and getting introduced to them is one thing, but wishing one of them is my bf is another. Hahaha!!

He is the ex of a very famous female actress who just "rose to fame" with her uhmm Spanish looks. And recently she and her onscreen partner went "out" with their relationship. The guy's so quiet and reserved, he almost seemed mysterious to me. And yet I can sense his loneliness as I observe him detach from the crowd after the film. Actually, what I was thinking was, "I wish I am his gf". It kind of connotes a different meaning when I say, I wish he is my bf. It's almost equivalent to saying, I will never do to him what her ex did, thing like that. Oh boy, I think I have this thing for lonely guys. Haha!! Come to think of it, we were both jilted by ex-lovers - it's already a plus for common thing about us. Hahaha!!! Enough babbling, I hope I get to meet him again someday. And I will be ecstatic if he remembers me. Yihee!!!

Such a lovely evening. I'll discuss more about the premiere on my next. :)

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