Thursday, March 25, 2010

Romeo at Juliet - Premiere Night

Unlike our Cop-out experience, this makes for a real premiere night: red carpet, celebrity presence, cocktail party, media interviews, camera flashes and everything that comes along with it. And in my dressed-up state, I'm not in the mood to capture it all. :P

We left the house almost 6:30 expecting to be late at the cocktail party scheduled at 7 PM. Victor Basa wasn't there yet when the film started. Alex mostly handled the interviews.

Once everybody's ensconced in their designated seats inside the cinema, the actors and directors were asked to say a little something about the film prior to showing it. Being the mildly OC to anything English that I am, I was partly nervous when it was already Lem's turn to speak. :P But was greatly relieved coz he did just fine and moreover, was flattered when he thanked me and my brother's presence. Awwwwwwww.... I love my brother. But it would have been better if he mentioned my name you know and not just saying "mga kapatid ko." Hahaha!!! Just kidding. ;-)

Sorry, that's just all my raffle-worthy digicam captured from our seat in the upper rows.
Alright, it's my 1st indie experience. And has just been officially scandalized to my brother's character in the movie. Hahaha!!! I'd still very much like him to portray the good role types just like his eponymous character in Daisy Siyete's Bebe & Me. How I wish it is always possible. I think he'll fare well in those. Just saying.
This is the precise reason why we didn't invite our folks over. I don't think our Mama's prepared to be assaulted. Haha! Our family's way too conservative for that. 10 mins after we left the house, Lem received this text from our Tita expressing "tampo" sentiments that they wanna come too. Obviously, Mom called up on her to sulk. :P
After the film around 930 which was when hunger pangs were beginning to strike for missing dinner (I only took a few bites during the pre-showing party), I had to endure the pain for about one hour more due to the public demands for a piece of Lem. (Note to self: This is just one of those things one has to suffer through from being such a stage sister. Wahaha!!!) Which I really don't mind coz it gave me ample time to notice Mr. Lonely Guy, err I mean bond with bro's gf/girlcrush/new friend Justin. Haha!!

When picture taking and interviews are finally over, the four of us headed to Makati Av for a simple dinner. Lem's treat!! Yey!!! Hahaha!!!
I. CAN'T. WAIT. FOR. HIS. NEXT. INDIE!! Hihihi.. You'll find out why. SOON.
Meanwhile, I'd like to thank my friend Brian for coming over. I invited a lot of friends but it was really a wrong timing for everyone - because last week was such a horrific week for everyone if you noticed the slowdown in my updates. It was actually a miracle I only posted ONE entry. Haha!
Last week commenced with a friend major berak-up which meant that while I was busy dealing with a "problem" with the customer through whole day troubleshooting, I had to divide my sked sometime after to console both parties (which was really hard if you're good friends with both you know) then followed by the death of a friend's relative and punctuated some bad news from another friend about her upcoming surgery. Whatever was wrong with that week???????

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