Sunday, March 28, 2010


Two things when I see pictures like these:

1. I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH. (Like now, I'm craving Bora!) It's exactly this time last year when we were there. * sigh*

2. I. WANT. TO. BE. PHOTOGRAPHED. JUST. LIKE THAT. On a beach backdrop. Soooo Lovely! I'll forever be indebted to someone who'd make it possible for me. Haha!!

I'm so jealous of those who have beach plans next week. :( I really really hope I can squeeze in some Northern trips sometime Thursday. *cross fingers*

And here's my chant for now:

♫♪ I'm moving, I'm coming Can you hear what I hear It's calling you my dear - out of reach - TAKE ME TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!! ♫♪


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