Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Lately

Today isn't your normal travel tuesday, again you'd have to forgive me for delaying some travel posts.  I really have to buy some time to blog about them in the better (I dare not say best) I could.  So instead, I'm just giving an update about life lately. :)  

KTV at Work.  The usual hang-out for the "singers" at work (and that includes me btw, hahaha!!!)  It's also a welcome gimmick for Gretchen below who's back from her maternity leave.  This was held in the same place before, our new discovery - Mega Pro Family KTV in Makati.  The same people below will also be my Laoag co-adventurers next month.  So excited!!! :D

And I'm posting my outfit for work (because that's just who I am and because I am soooo liking the color combination. :P)  It's a Mango dress and Call it Spring flats which I got on sale. ;-)

Dindin with Liz.  Coz it's international women's month last Friday, I decided to use the voucher I purchased at Casa Armas and share it with this girl.  

Sometimes when we have dates, it's usually a dinner and movie combo.  But this time we realized it's better to just have a good old plain catch up through good food.  No need to hurry just to catch the sked of the movie.  It was less stressful.  Plus the independent girls that are "us" can go home early and safely. :P

The outfit was already decided even before I realized at work that it was international women's day.  So coming in really girly colors can be chalked up to my intuition.  LOL!  Wearing a Tomato top, Mango skinnies and I'm not sure about my wedges as they were from 10 years ago!!!  Unearthing them from the boxes certainly felt like finding a treasure.  Haha!!  But I'm 90% sure they were from Le Donne. :P

Retro Workout with Gym Friends. Okay it's just a regular Saturday activity but sometimes it can be made special with cute sporty outfits.  Haha!!!  This day was actually the sked of the Color Manila Nite Run so very early in the gym you can say that I was already in the mood for the run with my colorful and striking neon orange and pink combination!  Haha!!!  Here's one of the closest friend of mine in the gym - the very sexy Lura. Hehe.

The neon jacket and shorts were purchased on sale from Cotton On.  Oh, I just love love buying on SALE! LOL!!! 

Btw, I found some candid shots during the run from the official website.  Haha!

Until the next post.  Ciao!

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