Friday, March 08, 2013

If I Could Have Any Shoes Right Now


It would have to be these:

Olivia Palermo's Blahnik's!!!  I know I just blogged about the Valentino flats last time but you know its fashion month and she is all over the fashion pages.  Next two photos below were from last year... 

Oh dear, I just love this gown!!!

And these are from the recent fashion week in Milan.  

She wore it on the same day using this combination below.  I really WANT a cape!!!  It should be considered a wardrobe STAPLE!  Hahaha!!!

Can you see the pattern?  Though she likes mixing that shoes up with black and white, there are a gazillion ways I can think of to wear that shoes!!!  If only they were mine.  LOL!!!

Happy fabulous weekend and happy women's day ladies!!! :)

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