Friday, March 01, 2013

Color Manila Nite Run


A 5K for a kickstart run this year is sooooo lame I know but I just really had to get back to running on the road. :P  I registered late for this event so I got an XXL shirt and had to make my way through it with the scissors. :P  I love the glow in the dark paraphernalia that were provided for the run but I hate that it's been almost a week now since the event and I still can't find  any candid photos of me from the albums available on the web. :P

If it's any consolation, it was my fastest 5k record to date - 28 minutes! ;-)  The event was participated by a lot of teenagers (as it was sponsored by a school I think).  Just to show you how creative the others were for the run, here's a nice photo I found on the internet. :)

Pinch, punch it's the first of the month!!! It's the summer season, are your bodies beach ready??? :D

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